No missing assignment challenge leads to pizza party

The students in 5th period library were challenged to clear up all their missing assignments. They were offered a pizza party to celebrate the accomplishment. Each day students asked how close we were to having the party. During the last week of October each student had cleared up all their missing work so a pizza party was scheduled for November 7th. Instead of going to the lunch room there was lots of pizza, plenty to drink and music and everyone enjoyed the time together and the celebration of academic success.

Basketball season starts at CAYA Jamboree

The Basketball season starts at Collegedale Academy on November 8 in the Jamboree for the boys and girls varsity and JV teams. Madison Academy will compete against teams from Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy, Georgia-Cumberland Academy and the host team Collegedale Academy. The games start at 6:30 EST.  Scores from the Jamboree. – Boys    Girls

8:00 Madison Academy vs Collegedale Academy JV Saturday
9:30 Madison Academy vs Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy Saturday
9:30 Madison Academy vs Collegedale Academy V Sunday
12:30 Madison Academy vs Georgia Cumberland Academy Sunday
6:30 Madison Academy vs Collegedale Academy Saturday
8:00 Madison Academy vs Greater Atlanta Adventist Academy Saturday
9:30 Madison Academy vs Georgia Cumberland Academy Sunday
11:00 Madison Academy vs Collegedale Academy JV Sunday

Students review Iowa Assessment data in mini-academic conferences

The Sophomores and Freshmen individually met with staff members in mini academic conferences to review the data provided by the Iowa Assessment. Students and staff members together analyzed the results of the Iowa Assessment and the Cognitive Abilities Tests and academic performance. Mrs. Gatling and Chaplin Jamieson gave some class-time for students to meet in the library. Freshmen Alayna Hunt said “If I had just read it myself I would have not understood the results. I appreciated the conference with Mrs. Fuentes and the encouragement I got.” Abigail Anderson said this, “I was encouraged by the results because it showed me my grade level and what I am capable of.”

Seniors get close-up look at sports careers

Six seniors from Madison Academy and hundreds of other students from across Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama participated in the Tennessee Titans Learning Lab. Students were given a behind the scene look at the business side of the Titans organization that included presentations in marketing, cheer-leading, administration, media relations, community relations, team travel, equipment management, turf management and mascots.

Our students left school at 9AM and traveled to LP field and checked in and went inside the stadium and sat in the red seats. They watched a welcome message on the video board then in groups of around 80 students started learning from the professionals. Kelvin De Valle was excited to see and speak with Mike Keith, “the voice of the Titans” since he is considering a career in sports broadcasting. Dante also appreciated the time to talk with sports professionals as he considers business options after graduation. Each student also received a t-shirt and tickets to the final Titans home game against the Colts.

Athletics Department opens store

Our first ever online athletic store is open. The Madison Knights store is open until November 10, 2014. No orders will be filled until after the November 10th deadline. Orders will be fulfilled and delivered (or shipped) on November 24, 2014. All products can be customized to include your respective sport and/or name. Sports will decorated below the MA logo; names will be decorated on the opposing chest.

Store is no longer open.

Madison Academy girls win final volleyball match

The consolation match between Madison Academy and Legacy Charter (SC) was won by the Knights and will determine the teams final rankings of the teams playing in the tournament. The Madison Academy Knights Girls volleyball team was eliminated from the NACA tournament with a loss to Lexington, Kentucky CCAA B Cougars.  Forty teams participated in the three day competition, Oct 29-31.  Teams were placed in groups of four to determine divisions and seeding for the double elimination tournament.  Our Knights were placed in Group B and played teams from Ashville North Carolina, Central Alabama, Pathway in Virginia.  Based on the results of the games the team placed in the 4th Division and seeded 8th.  The Lady Knights lost the first game in the bracket to #1 seeded Grace (FL) however the team ended its season with a win. The team travels home Friday to be greeted by family and friends.

Tournament bracket

Season record and statistics

Girls Volleyball competes in NACA Tournament

The Girls volleyball team will compete in the National Association of Christian Athletes Volleyball tournament held in Dayton, Tennessee October 29-31. Forty high school girls volleyball teams from across the Mid-west, including teams from Shenandoah Valley Academy, Forest Lake Academy and Georgia Cumberland Academy as well as our Madison Academy Knights will compete to be this year’s champion. Here is a link to get up to date information.

Schedule of games

Madison Academy classes score higher than National averages on Iowa Assessment

The 9th and 10th grade classes outperformed National Percentile Rankings for each category on the Iowa Assessments. In late September, all our Freshmen and Sophomore students were given the Iowa Assessment and Cognitive Abilities Test over a period of three mornings. This series of standardized tests is designed to provide information which can be used to improve classroom instruction and to report performance in basic skills to parents, students, and the general public in objective, meaningful terms. Please note that standardized tests can never replace teacher-based assessment. It does, however, supplement teachers with additional information that may help clarify a larger picture of student performance. We thank God for each student’s willingness to engage in learning, teachers that mentor and parents that encourage.

Class of 2017 Sophomores

Class of 2018 Freshmen

Coach Ley’s personal challenge

I am soliciting donations for my gymnastics team. We are in desperate need of new equipment and are running into expenses we don’t have money for. If you have been a member of any of the teams that I have coached you know that gymnastics can be a positive experience and can even be a spiritual channel to touch lives. I need your help to keep reaching young people. If I have touched you positively in any way then I am humbly asking for a donation of any amount. $400 and I will put a banner with your name or company logo in the gym but like I said I will be thankful for even a $20 donation.


Go to to be able to donate directly by credit card. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


On October 25th, the Senior class at Madison Academy hosted the annual Octoberfest where guests came dressed in costume, ate varieties of food and played games of skill. The gymnasium was transformed into a Disney theme park and carnival. There were many activities and food booths ringed around the inside walls. There was a car smash, hayride, zip line, dunk tank, bounce house and a jail with a variety of children’s games, plus Asian food (dumplings, chow mien and fried rice), soul food (veggie fried chicken, mixed greens, hot water cornbread and mac & cheese), pizza and burgers as well as cotton candy, snow cones and smoothies in addition to a costume contest. The young and young at heart enjoyed the evening.