MA Volleyball Seniors honored

Last night the Senior girls on the volleyball team were honored and recognized for their commitment to the team and school.  The seniors gave flowers to their parents and received a special t-shirt from Coach Perkins.  Christina Mercado and Avery Kroll are 4 year team members and Morgan Currie is a 2 year team member.  The team competed with Franklin Christian Academy and lost the match 3 games to 1.  The team overall record is now 6-8.  The team has an away game at Lancaster Christian Academy starting at 5:30, Thursday, October 13.

Earlier in the evening the JV team played too and won their match 2 games to none.  The team’s overall record is now 5-2.  The next game is tonight, here at Madison.  The team will compete with West Academy at 5:00pm.

MA Girls Volleyball win at Dayspring Academy

Yesterday, the Varsity Girls Volleyball team competed with Dayspring Academy team and won the match in five games 3-2.  This win starts a new streak and improves the overall team record to 6-7.  The JV team also played however they lost two games and the match. Their overall team record is 4-2.  Monday, October 10th is Senior night and the last home game. We are competing with Franklin Christian Academy.  The JV team plays at 5:00 and the Varsity team at 6:30.

The cross country team also competed at Dayspring. Ten out of the 13 boys posted their personal best times.  They are Spencer Boskind, Conner Collins, Pax Fordham, Jake Johnson, Jonathan Krawchuck, Aiden Kroll, Ian Petersen, Kyle Petersen, Will Snider and Devin Strong.  The boys team finished in first place.  The girls also improved their time and turned in their personal best times.  They are Marlana Bell, Rosie Benoit and Holly Hardin.  The girls team placed first too.  Here are the official results.

Boys results Team placement-1st place
1 IAN PETERSON 00:18:02:144
2 WILL SNIDER 00:18:51:441
4 JAKE JOHNSON 00:19:36:114
5 SPENCER BOSKIND 00:19:48:458
6 AIDEN KROLL 00:19:54:802
8 CONNER COLLINS 00:19:58:05
9 PAX FORDHAM 00:20:58:945
11 JACK WHEELER 00:21:03:39
12 JONATHAN PEDRERO 00:21:13:351
16 KYLE PETERSEN 00:22:47:900
17 DEVIN STRONG 00:23:05:776
18 BROCK ANDERSON 00:23:09:651
Girls results Team placement-1st place
1 MARLANA BELL 00:22:58:737
2 ROSIE BENOIT 00:24:22:851
3 HOLLY HARDIN 00:27:06:150

Franklin Classical wins volleyball match at Madison Academy

Yesterday, the girls volleyball team lost to Franklin Classical in an away game 3-0.  This brings the overall team record to 5-7.  The team hopes to begin a new winning streak this week when the team travels to play Christian Community High School at 6pm, Thursday, October 6th.  Both the varsity and JV have will compete.

In other MA Athletics news the cross country team competed September 29th at Sumner with 12 runners – 9 boys and 3 girls. Pax Fordham and Devin Strong times on this course were their personal best so far this season.  Both the boys and the girls teams came in first place.  Here are the official results:

Boys results Team placement-1ST place
1 IAN PETERSON 00:19:17:361
3 WILL SNIDER 00:20:21:775
7 JONATHAN PEDRERO 00:21:34:447
8 JAKE JOHNSON 00:21:37:132
9 PAX FORDHAM 00:21:57:444
10 BROCK ANDERSON 00:22:18:546
12 DEVIN STRONG 00:24:00:69
13 KYLE PETERSEN 00:24:01:69
Girls results Team placement-1st place
1 BRIANNA UNDERWOOD 00:22:01:823
2 MARLANA BELL 00:24:02:350
3 ROSIE BENOIT 00:25:15:667

Entire cross country team participated at Currey Ingram

Yesterday, in the final cross country event this season at Currey Ingram the entire cross country team participated and fourteen runners from the boys and girls squads posted their personal best times of the year.  They are Brock Anderson, Spencer Boskind, Jake Johnson, Johnathan Krawchuck, Aiden Kroll, Ian and Kyle Petersen, Will Synder, Jack Wheeler and Devin Strong for the boys and each of the girls on the team: Marlana Bell, Rosie Benoit, Holly Hardin and Brianna Underwood.  Because of their effort and training as a team the boys finished 4th overall and the girls finished 3rd.  Here are the official results.

Boys results Team placement-4th place
12 IAN PETERSON 00:19:03
17 WILL SNYDER 00:19:44
29 JACK WHEELER 00:20:47
30 AIDEN KROLL 00:20:47
33 JAKE JOHNSON 00:20:54
36 CONNER COLLINS 00:21:25
42 BROCK ANDERSON 00:22:15
46 PAX FORDHAM 00:22:55
49 KYLE PETERSEN 00:23:26
60 DEVIN STRONG 00:26:26
Girls results Team placement-3rd place
14 MARLANA BELL 00:23:46
15 ROSIE BENOIT 00:24:25
23 HOLLY HARDIN 00:27:58

Boys Cross Country places fourth at Curry Ingram meet

Yesterday the cross country team competed at Curry Ingram.  Four boys ran extremely well and placed 4th overall.  Four members of the team posted their personal best times of the season.  They are Spencer Boskind, Conner Collins, Pax Fordham and Jack Wheeler (a new best time).  Both of the girls that participated posted their personal best times too.  Here are the official results.

Boys results Team placement-4th place
15 IAN PETERSON 00:19:52
28 ADIEN KROLL 00:20:56
32 CONNER COLLINS 00:21:07
33 JACK WHEELER 00:21:26
39 PAX FORDHAM 00:22:53
45 JAKE JOHNSON 00:23:28
46 BROCK ANDERSON 00:23:47
62 KYLE PETERSON 00:27:31
Girls results Need 4 runners to place
9 MARLANA BELL 00:24:26
15 ROSIE BENOIT 00:25:41

Varsity, JV and Freshmen volleyball teams won

Yesterday the girls varsity volleyball team played the Dayspring Academy Lady Shires and won the match.  The team overall record is now 5-5.  Their next game is against at the University School of Nashville next Friday, September 23 at 4:45pm.  The JV team won too.  Their overall record is 3-1.  The Freshmen team got their first win yesterday.  Their record is 1-6.

In other MA Athletics news the cross country team competed at Sumner Academy. When official results come in they will be posted.

Lady Knights lose to Pleasant View Christian School in volleyball

In the volleyball match last night at Madison Campus Elementary, the girls volleyball team lost to Pleasant View Christian School 3-0.  The team record fell below .500 for the first time this season to 4-5.  Their next game is an away game at Dayspring Academy starting at 5:00 pm.

Lady Knights lose to Hendersonville Christian Academy

Yesterday evening at the Madison Campus Elementary (MCE) gym the girl’s volleyball team lost to Hendersonville Christian Academy (HCA) 3-1.  The overall team record is now 4-4.  The next game is tonight at MCE, starting at 5 pm. Their opponent is Pleasant View Christian.  In the first meeting between the two teams this season, the Lady Knights won that match.

In other MA Athletics news the cross country team participated in the Curry Ingram event.  Both Ian Petersen and Jack Wheeler finished the race with their personal best times. Other MA runners had their best time for the season: Brock, Jake, Jonathan P, Kyle, Will, Devin, Marlana, Rosie and Holly.  Here are the official results.

Boys results Team placement-4th place
17 IAN PETERSON 00:19:46
20 WILL SNIDER 00:20:24
29 JAKE JOHNSON 00:21:16
32 JACK WHEELER 00:21:40
36 CONNER COLLINS 00:21:46
42 BROCK ANDERSON 00:22:48
52 PAX FORDHAM 00:24:35
57 KYLE PETERSON 00:25:26
60 DEVIN STRONG 00:27:08
Girls results Need 4 runners to place
10 MARLANA BELL 00:22:44
14 ROSIE BENOIT 00:26:12
21 HOLLY HARDIN 00:28:04

In golf, our team competed with Pleasant View Christian and lost 164 to 152. Here are our teams scores.

Madison Academy
1.  Josh Hardin 51
2.  Parker Rufo 54
3.  Andre Crayton 59

Lady Knights lose at Davidson 3-0

In an afternoon away game the Madison Academy girls volleyball team competed against Davidson Academy and lost 3-0.  This brings their overall record to 4-3.  The next opponent is Hendersonville Christian Academy with the game being played at Madison Campus Elementary gym [MCE],  Monday, September 12, at 5:30pm.  On Tuesday the team plays Pleasant View Christian at 5:00pm in the MCE gym as well.

MA sweeps TNCAA golf tournament

Yesterday, the Madison Academy golf team won 1st-Parker Rufo, 2nd- Josh Hardin and third place-Andre Crayton in the Tennessee Christian Athletes Association [TNCAA] golf tournament held at Riverside Golf Course. Parker shot a personal best 55 and tied with Josh after nine holes.  Because of time constraints officials had a card playoff to determine the winner.  The seventh hole was considered the hardest hole and Parker had the better score so Parker was declared the champion.


In other MA Athletics news the cross country team competed at Lancaster. The boys and the girls finished in first place as a team.  Eight of the boys team members competed and all of the girls. Here are their individual times and places.

Boys results
1 IAN PETERSON 00:21:21
4 WILL SNIDER 00:23:26
5 JACK WHEELER 00:23:33
8 JAKE JOHNSON 00:24:43
14 KYLE PETERSON 00:29:23
Girls results
1 BRI UNDERWOOD 00:25:24
2 MARLANA BELL 00:26:35
4 ROSIE BENOIT 00:28:55
5 HOLLY HARDIN 00:30:25