Participate in the Late Night Volleyball Tournament

The annual Late Night Volleyball Tournament is January 23 at 6pm.  Each team must have a minimum of 6 people including 2 females. The cost to play is $10/person…but it is free to cheer! Concessions will be available throughout the evening. Register your team by contacting Gloria Sutherland or Dan Johnson at 615.865.4055.

Madison Academy school community enjoys Christmas breakfast together

The annual Student Association Christmas breakfast was given today as a gift to the Madison Academy school community.  The chapel was decorated with a tree and trimmings and the tables red and green tableware.  The food was provided by Mrs. Watkins and her son Mr. Chad Watkins, principal at Highland Academy.  Students and staff enjoyed socializing with each other.  Classes were shortened to make time for the program.  This event was started ten years ago when Chad Watkins and Bruce Boggess were working here at Madison and has been enjoyed each year.

SA rolls out spirit week

The Student Association is encouraging students to show some school spirit and dress up each day this week.  Here is the schedule.

Monday School Spirit or Sports Day
Tuesday Animal Day
Wednesday Christmas (or Ugly Christmas sweater) Day
Thursday Throwback Thursday
Friday Fancy Friday

SA Fall Ball has patriotic theme

The annual Student Association Fall ball was held at Mr. and Mrs. Sutherland’s home, starting at 6pm.  Students and staff were asked to dress up in their favorite patriotic–red, white and blue clothing.  Two weeks prior to this event SA officers passed out tickets to the ladies — giving them a chance to ask a friend to the Fall Ball.  Transportation and directions were provided.  The evening began with students throwing darts at balloons filled with paint.  While that was happening, others were taking pictures with friends by an American flag.  For supper students ate hot dogs, chips and baked beans. Apple crisp was for dessert.  Everyone chose either water or root beer as their beverage.  Later in the evening was a pumpkin carving contest as well as an award for best dressed.  The evening ended with sparklers and fireworks.


SA Scavenger Hunt tradition continues

The Student Association is hosting the annual Scavenger Hunt in the Madison Academy gym beginning at 8pm. This is a class competition that involves not only the students and staff but includes parents as well.  Each class brings items from home and school and spreads them out in one of the four corners of the gym. In the center of the gym the announcer will call for an item.  Each class will look through their stuff and pass it to the runner who will then take it to the table in the center of the gym.  The first class to get the correct item to the table earns one point. If the class runner has the exact item they earn one point.  If the class has the correct item category they earn one point.  For example, if a state quarter–Tennessee is called each class that brings that item to the table will earn one point for a state quarter, one point if it is a Tennessee state quarter, and one point if the class is the first to place it on the table.  There is a time limit to find and bring the called items to the table.  At the end of each round is an untimed event, such as who can drink a bottle of water the fastest.  Also during each round in random places classes are called to create a pyramid: a base of four, then three, then two, then one who will raise their hands to show they are done.

There are many rounds and each class usually is close to the lead for a time.  After each round the standings are announced to indicate how many points a class earned in the competition to that point. At the end the final standings are given and a winner of the scavenger hunt is announced.  Not only do students and sponsors participate in running but parents can do so too.  The parents have a key role to play in the event just by showing up.  The SA awards Spirit points to students and parents that participate in this event. Record is taken at 8pm and those who are at the gym are awarded spirit points for their class.  At the end of the school year the class that has the most spirit points is given a $350 prize.

Madison Academy offers fun activities as school starts

Sabbath, August 15 at 6:30-7:30 PM is our 3rd annual Campus Prayer Walk, which begins with worship in the chapel and continues all over the school grounds.


Saturday, August 15 at 8:00 PM is our 30th annual SA Scavenger Hunt, a hilarious class competition event which supplies fun for the whole family. Parents count for DOUBLE Spirit Trophy points. Wear your running shoes and bring a box of “junk.”


Sunday, August 16 begins our SA Fall Picnic at Indian Creek Camp. We leave the school at 3:30 PM and return on Monday by 5:30 PM. This overnight, action-packed excursion continues to be a student favorite! Click here for a permission slip.

Valentine’s banquet includes hockey game

Students, friends and staff of Madison Academy enjoyed a Valentine’s banquet planned by the Student Association officers. This special evening started at Landers Plaza in a meeting room that was transformed into an elegant dining experience. Guests sat at tables for eight and started eating eating salad, pasta and sauce, vegetable, rolls.  The dessert bar had many choices: brownies, vanilla or chocolate pudding, and cake with options for toppings.  The SA sponsors announced the winner of this year’s courtesy contest.  Dustin Battenberg was named the king and Abbye Waterhouse queen. Later in the evening, Mr. Jamieson emceed two games.  Students were invited to the front and given a word and ten seconds to sing a song with the word in the lyrics. Next students and staff were asked to participate in a game that involved voting with a shoe.  Contestants gave each other one shoe. Then they were asked a question and with the competitors back to back they responded by lifting the shoe of the person they thought best answered the question.  After the meal concluded the next event was to attend the Nashville Predators hockey game.  The Predators defeated the Winnipeg Jets 3-1. During the game, Dustin kept his crown on and attracted attention of the cameras including some time on the jumbo-tron along with his friends sitting around him. After the game each student made it safely home.

Late night Volleyball hosted by Student Association

Twenty three teams from across the mid-state participated in the annual late night volleyball tournament.  With so many teams this year the squads were randomly placed in the double elimination brackets.  The games started around 6:30pm and ended the next morning around 5am. Volleyball teams of all ages — elementary age to those eligible for AARP cards — were submitted to the Student Association sponsors.  Each played with a minimum of six players: four guys and two girls. When teams were not playing players took the responsibilities of referee and line judge.  For community members that came to watch the teams compete there were concessions available most of the night.  Here is a picture of the winning team.

Champs Late Night Volleyball 2015

Spirit Week planned by SA

Tuesday morning students and staff dressed in their best nerd day clothing and hair styles. At assembly students were divided into their class and competed in the annual Brain bowl. The next day was twin’s day. The assembly activity involved two people from each class: making and eating a peanut butter sandwich; both twins holding a golf club and pushing a golf ball through a maze; and finally a pair of students simultaneously blowing bubbles with the bubble gum given. On Friday, students dressed up in their career of choice. Earlier in the week teacher’s also equipped willing volunteers to lead out in class on Friday. The final games of the class volleyball tournament will be this Wednesday.