Presidential Fitness Awards

Twenty-seven students qualified for the Presidential Youth Fitness Award. During the school year, students are tested twice, once in September the other in March,  on their: aerobic capacity, abdominal strength endurance, upper body strength and endurance, body composition, trunk strength and flexibility, and overall flexibility.

This fitness assessment is not just solely for The Presidential Youth Fitness program, but also to help gather data for the “Physical Genesis” study sponsored by the NAD Education department. A study that will answer the question, “Are young Adventists still enjoying the benefits of a healthy life in comparison to their elderly counterparts?

Alex Adams, athletic director at Madison Academy, is excited about these results. He shared with us, “This is great to see that over  1/3 of our student body meets the Presidential Youth Fitness standards. Especially when you consider that 40% more students qualified for the award the second time we tested. Our kids are taking their health more seriously. We are sharing with them the importance and how to follow a healthful lifestyle including diet and exercise.”

Madison Academy wants to instill the tenets of the Adventist health Message in their students. “It’s more important now than ever,” continues Adams. “The state of Tennessee has the 2nd highest rate of high school students that are obese and overweight in the nation. I don’t want our kids to feel like that is their future, I don’t want them to suffer from poor health due to being overweight or obese. They can learn the habits now that will ensure that they don’t contribute to these statistics.”

Click the links to find out more about the Physical Genesis study or the Presidential Youth Fitness Program.




Soccer match ends before downpour

The soccer match yesterday with United Christian Academy at their school was moved up an hour to try and get the game in before a rainstorm arrived.  The teams were able to play however Madison lost 4-3.  The Knight player to score all three goals was Ian Petersen: one penalty kick and assists from Ryan Downs and Spencer Boskind.

For all the schedules and scores for our soccer and tennis teams go to knighthawks athletics.

Math Competition Winners announced

Today in chapel, Mr. Mosher announced the results of the 68th annual American Mathematics Contest 12 and the 17th annual American Mathematics Contest 10.  In the 11-12 grade division Mike Downs-1st, Cody Tishaw-2nd, Holly Hardin-3rd, Brianna Underwood -4th and Jordan R Brown-5th place.  In the 9-10th grade division Ryan Downs-1st place, Jake Johnson and Aiden Kroll tied for 2nd place, Austin Fuentes-3rd place, Camden Armstrong and Julianne Plank tied for 4th place, and Donovan Allen placed 5th.

Tennis team wins season opener

On Tuesday, in an indoor tennis match with Mount Judea High School, the Madison Academy team won 2-0.  On the same day, the soccer team played at home competing against Pleasant View Christian but lost 4-1.

Prospective families participate in Academy Days

At 9 am on Thursday, twenty-nine students came to Madison Academy to participate in Academy Days.  This special day gives students an opportunity to experience for themselves the spiritual, academic, sports programs offered.  Students started with worship, a welcome and then mix and meet activities in the Chapel. Afterward, students were arranged into groups and visited classrooms to observe teacher-student interactions.  For a change of pace, Mr. McKenzie promoted some of the electives he teaches: Video production and drama.  Then it was time for lunch of pizza.

In the afternoon the students played a spirited game of kickball. After cooling down, the students toured the laundry and visited afternoon classes.  Students received gift bags and prizes and then enjoyed a short video of the events and people of the day. Before leaving campus, everyone toured the art department and watched an Acros performance.

At 6:30 that evening, families enjoyed at catered meal from Olive Garden.  After sharing a meal Mrs. Kris Fuentes, principal, and Mr. Dan Johnson, business manager, highlighted many of the programs at Madison Academy and ways to meet the expense of tuition.

Madison Academy Awards Banquet

Top Five Reasons why the Madison Academy Awards Banquet was Awesome.
5. Great food. Every event needs some delicious substance. This banquet did not disappoint. Parents came together and made “Potatotinis” (mashed potatoes with all the fixin’s all served in a glass cup), pasta salad, and choplets so flavorful you’d forget that they were made out of processed soy. Oh and the desserts, delightful! Cream puffs, strawberries, pound cake and a chocolate fountain, to dunk said delicacies.

4. Amazing volunteers. The parents at Madison Academy are involved. Sometimes so much that their children are embarrassed by them, but the administration at MA encourages that. Parents lead out in cooking the food, serving the food, decorating, taking pictures, cleaning-up, and organizing the event. Thank you, parents! We love and appreciate you.

3. Dressing up is fun. The students at Madison Academy have a strict uniform dress code. Not only do they have to wear special polos, pants, and skirts, but they are limited in the color of shoes that they are allowed to wear as well. Banquets give our students the opportunity to execute their power of choice and don fabulous outfits that express their individual tastes and style.

2. Great memories created. The event had great food, entertainment (shout out to our very talented students, Rosie, Aiden, and Ashlyn), and activities. Students were able to light paper lanterns in the sky just like on Tangled and enjoy a photo booth with hilarious props and instant print photo strips.

1. We got to celebrate some incredible students and staff. The “awards” part of the banquet was incredibly important. Our staff nominated students for awards such as Luminary, Up and Coming, School Spirit, Erudite and Energizer and the students were able to vote on the winners. The students themselves nominated and voted for the best teacher at Madison Academy. When the results came in Kevin Ramkissoon, our history teacher, won! We are so proud of our students celebrating one another’s strengths


Up & Coming: Andre Crayton
School Spirit: Madison Perkins
Energizer: Devon Bardo
Erudite: Nate Higgs
Luminary: Donald Edwards
Mr. Madison Academy: Andrew Ware
Ms. Madison Academy: Morgan Currie

Basketball season finishes with win at Franklin Road Christian

The girl’s varsity team defeated the Franklin Road Christian girls in an away game 35-30.  The Lady Knights finish the year with a 14-2 record and 9-3 tournament record.  In the Andrews University Tournament, the girls played into the championship game but lost to the defending Michiana team from last year.

The boy’s varsity team finished strong by playing well in the Andrews Tournament and finishing in 4th place in the Division II bracket.  The team played its last game at FRC and won.  They finished the year with a 5-11 overall record and 5-8 in tournament play.

Basketball teams head to Andrews University

The Madison Academy basketball teams are headed to Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan to participate in the Newmeyer Classic 2017.  The 11 member girls team is led by Coach Perkins and Sonja Underwood.  Their overall record this year is 13-2.  The tournament begins on Thursday, February 2 and the Lady Knights playing two games [10:20a-GCA; 8:50p-AJC] with at least one more [9:50a-CA] on Friday.

The Knights, coached by Alex Adams begin their play at 12:40p-GRS and again at 7:40-ARB.  Here is a link to the AU Basketball Tournament schedule.  All times listed in this article are CST, however on the AU pdf the times are EST.

Acros participate in Acrofest 2017

The 18 member Madison Academy Acros gymnastic team traveled to Highland Academy to learn and enhance their gymnastic skills mentored by Southern Adventists University Gym-Masters at the Kentucky-Tennessee Acrofest, January 26-28.  Not only are the Acros participating but those in grades 5-12 from across the conference are eligible to participate and learn or enhance their skills in tossing, pyramids, tumbling, three highs and other gymnastic activities.  Pastor Greg Taylor, KY-TN Youth Director, is sharing the Word of God during this event.  The theme this year is G.L.O.W. (Go Light Our World).  On Saturday night at 7:00pm, teams perform their routines with the Gym-Masters giving the final performance of the evening.