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MGM trip announced

We are excited to announce that we will be heading to La Vida Mission in Farmington, NM for our spring MGM trip this year!!!  La Vida is a Navajo SDA Mission which includes a K-12 school, a church and a medical clinic.  Our main purpose is to restore and update the medical clinic which has not been functional for the past few years.  This will include redoing the flooring, tile work, painting, and other jobs around the clinic.  They have also asked if we have any medical professionals to come along and host a medical clinic, especially dentistry, but all medical care is needed.  LLU sends a group out there once a year and that is usually all the medical attention most of these people receive.

We would love to have as many students, staff and parents as possible.

Here are the details: Cost: $900(approx.)  We need $200 of the total $900 up front to secure your spot. When: Spring break-Tentative dates are March 7-15. *No passport, shots, visas required!  If you have any other questions, please email me.