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Budding musicians, comedians in training and other talented students participated in the Talent Show sponsored by the Acros gymnastic team.  The evening started with Jordan Brown on the piano playing a jazz piece.  Donovan Allen also played the piano but did a classical piece.  Andy Burnham played a ragtime arrangement.   In the second half Alyssa Ware played “Beauty and the Beast”.  Christina Mercado and Jackson Wood had a piano/flute duet.  Mr. Pichette, Mike Downs, Shawn Monroe and Aidan Kroll played “Pinball Wizard”. Some miscellaneous talent included Lucas Monroe-Haiku, Cody Tishaw, Jake Johnson, Brianna Underwood and Julianne Plank did the “The 12 days of Christmas”.  The act won the Grand Prize.  Andrew Ware did a dramatic reading. Zach Levinskas did yo-yo and was the category winner. The drama team id a comedy skit and Megan Pichette did Hula.  The vocals were done by James Jackson, Sara Adalla, Kristen Levinskas and Rose Benoit.  Grant Kennedy sang “Stand by Me” while the category winner was Megan and Bryce Flatt signing “Can’t Help Falling in Love”.

The judges were Jimmy Closser, RN; Alise Taylor, Military spouse; Jeffrey Fisher, Veteran V.A. Chaplin; Lemmy Recinos, Engineer and Ingacio Silverio, Pastor.