Madison Academy Holiday Tournament

Madison Academy is hosting is first ever Holiday Basketball Tournament after Christmas on Monday and Tuesday, December 28th and 29th.  Here is a list of teams and times.  The girls team plays at 6pm (in the MCE gym) and 8pm (at MA).  The guys games are both in the MA gym and start at 12:10pm and 7pm. We would love to see you at the tournament.

Monday 12/28 MA Gym MCE Gym Boys Division

MA-Madison Academy

MYG- Mohican Youth Academy Grey

MYGR- Mohican Youth Academy Green

NA-North Alabama Eagles

OA-Oakwood Academy

WK-Western Kentucky


Girls Division

AA-Aaron Academy

MA-Madison Academy

HCA-Hendersonville Christian Academy

LCA-Lancaster Christian Academy

OA-Oakwood Academy



Note: Home team (white jersey) listed first in the schedule. Home bench located to the left of the scoring table while viewing from center court.



12:10 pm MA vs MYGR
1:20 pm LCA vs AA
2:30 pm MYG vs OA
3:40 pm MYGR vs NA
4:50 pm HCA vs OA
6:00pm WK vs MYG AA vs MA
7:00pm NA vs MA OA vs LCA
8:00pm MA vs HCA OA vs WK
Boys and girls seeding will be done Monday night after last round of games.


Tuesday 12/29
11:00am G1: 4 vs 5
12:10pm G2: 3 vs 6
1:20pm G3: WG1 vs 1
2:30pm G1: 4 vs 5
3:40pm G4: WG2 vs 2
4:50pm G2: 2vs 3 G3: WG1 vs 1
6:00pm G6: LG3 vs LG4 G5: LG1 vs LG2
7:00pm G4: LG2 vs LG3
8:00pm G. Championship
9:30pm B. Championship