Holiday basketball tournament finishes today

Here is the schedule for the final day of the Holiday Tournament at Madison Academy.  Boys varsity plays at 3:40pm and girls varsity at 4:50pm both in MA gym. If either team wins their first game they will play in championship game.

11:00am G1: WK vs MYGR
12:10pm G2: NA vs MYG
1:20pm G3: OA vs WG1
2:30pm G1: OA vs LCA
3:40pm G4: MA vs WG2
4:50pm G2: MA vs AA G3: WG1 vs HCA
6:00pm G6: LG3 vs LG4 G5: LG1 vs LG2
7:10pm G4: LG2 vs LG3
8:20pm G. Championship
9:30pm B. Championship

Note: Home team (white jersey) listed first in the schedule. Home bench located to the left of the scoring table while viewing from center court.

MA=Madison Academy

MCE=Madison Campus Elementary

Boys Division

MA-Madison Academy

MYG- Mohican Youth Academy Grey

MYGR- Mohican Youth Academy Green

NA-North Alabama Eagles

OA-Oakwood Academy

WK-Western Kentucky


Girls Division

AA-Aaron Academy

MA-Madison Academy

HCA-Hendersonville Christian Academy

LCA-Lancaster Christian Academy

OA-Oakwood Academy