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SA Valentines banquet held at Camp Widjiwagan

The annual Student Association Valentines banquet was held at Camp Widjiwagan in Antioch on Thursday, February 11th.  The school closed for the day because there was still ice or snow on the roads in the morning making travel difficult, however, the sun and temperatures combined to dry the roads and allowed the SA event to take place later that evening.

The meal was held in the Lodge that had a fireplace that added to the ambiance.  To drink there were bottles of Welch’s red and white grape juice as well as apple cider.  Salad and a roll, pasta with marinara or alfredo sauce, and vegetables delighted the guests.  For desert, there were lots of chocolate options: candy, bite-sized cakes, and strawberries covered milk chocolate.  There were also items to make smores out on the patio by the fire.

Six faculty members participated in a mystery production of a stolen cat statue that students and staff tried to solve.  Each member of the cast had a role to play and did so with enthusiasm.  Students asked each cast member questions as they sought to unravel the mystery.  In the end, Chaplain Jamieson, as the manager of the singer was found to have the missing item.  A $25 gift card was given to the student who correctly solved the mystery and had their name randomly chosen.  The winner was Nathan Johnson.  After the mystery was solved there was time to relax and take pictures or eat smores.