Lady Knights lose to Hendersonville Christian Academy

Yesterday evening at the Madison Campus Elementary (MCE) gym the girl’s volleyball team lost to Hendersonville Christian Academy (HCA) 3-1.  The overall team record is now 4-4.  The next game is tonight at MCE, starting at 5 pm. Their opponent is Pleasant View Christian.  In the first meeting between the two teams this season, the Lady Knights won that match.

In other MA Athletics news the cross country team participated in the Curry Ingram event.  Both Ian Petersen and Jack Wheeler finished the race with their personal best times. Other MA runners had their best time for the season: Brock, Jake, Jonathan P, Kyle, Will, Devin, Marlana, Rosie and Holly.  Here are the official results.

Boys results Team placement-4th place
17 IAN PETERSON 00:19:46
20 WILL SNIDER 00:20:24
29 JAKE JOHNSON 00:21:16
32 JACK WHEELER 00:21:40
36 CONNER COLLINS 00:21:46
42 BROCK ANDERSON 00:22:48
52 PAX FORDHAM 00:24:35
57 KYLE PETERSON 00:25:26
60 DEVIN STRONG 00:27:08
Girls results Need 4 runners to place
10 MARLANA BELL 00:22:44
14 ROSIE BENOIT 00:26:12
21 HOLLY HARDIN 00:28:04

In golf, our team competed with Pleasant View Christian and lost 164 to 152. Here are our teams scores.

Madison Academy
1.  Josh Hardin 51
2.  Parker Rufo 54
3.  Andre Crayton 59