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North American Division College Fair

Today ten of our North American Seventh-day Adventist Colleges and Universities came on to the Madison Academy campus and spoke with all the high school students about the benefits of Adventist education and the different programs available on their campuses.

Burman University, La Sierra University, Adventist University of Health Sciences, Washington Adventist University, Walla Walla University, Andrews University, Union College, Southern Adventist University, Oakwood University, and Pacific Union College were in attendance.

Other than the awesome pens that the colleges gave out for free, the students really enjoyed talking to the different enrollment counselors.

“It was great talking to professionals who knew how to help me achieve my dream of becoming a physical therapist.” -Jack Wheeler, sophomore after talking to the Southern Adventist University and Burman University counselors.

“I didn’t know that Washington Adventist University existed and I didn’t know about all the different programs that Oakwood University offered. It’s cool to see how many Adventist colleges are out there.” -Connor Collins, freshmen

“This was great opportunity for us. We were able to talk with people who knew how to help us reach our dreams.” -Abby Tishaw, freshmen

“I grew up in Massachusetts and went to Camp Winnekeag. Since then I moved to Illinois and now Tennessee. I never had considered Andrews University as an option, but the enrollment counselor was the old Archery director from Camp Winnekeag. That was so cool to talk to him and learn more about Andrews.” -Morgan Currie, Senior

Overall it was a great success and the students saw that Adventist higher education isn’t simple a continuation of academy life, but a place where students are trained to be leaders in their desired career field and for Christ.