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Spring Games was fun change of pace

The Student Association officers planned for weeks for the Spring Games event.  They scheduled some of the same events as in the past such as the 50, 100, 880 relay runs, however, there were many new experiences.  The day started with a devotional thought by Christina Mercado at 8 am in the chapel and then the students and staff were invited to eat pancakes and drink some orange juice served from the Learning Commons patio by Student Association officers, staff, and moms.  There was a member of each class that ate a super-sized pancake.  Then everyone when to the athletic field to watch each class participate in an obstacle course event.  The classes then lined up to compete in the tug of war.  Then individual class members participated in a lawn tic-tac-toe game followed by a three-person water balloon sling shot contest.  Three classes tied for first place so there was a one-shot playoff.  After this event classes were organized for the running events.  Pizza was served for lunch on the back patio of the Learning Commons.  The classes then went back to the athletic field and played class on class softball.  A nice treat was the ice slushy truck were all could get a refreshing icee paid for by the SA.  The final event of the day was the SA parade of candidates on their floats or cars.