The annual Student/Faculty Retreat at Indian Creek Camp was the venue where our Madison Academy family and friends watched the solar eclipse on a cloudless afternoon.  Mr. Ken Crawford, astrophotographer, brought out a telescope to view the eclipse from beginning to end.  Everyone had special glasses to watch the progress of the eclipse.  Watching from the field, everyone experienced the temperature drop as well as the increasing darkness.  There were oohs, aahs, and shouts of excitement in seeing two diamond rings.  Seeing the eclipse was amazing. The best part for Ian Petersen, a junior, was when it got dark during the middle of the day.  Madison Perkins, sophomore expressed the attitude of many students when she said that the eclipse was cool but it was also fun to experience it with all her friends.  Mrs. Hardin, English teacher said, “The eclipse was incredibly beautiful and awe inspiring. I especially liked seeing thousands of tiny eclipses on the sidewalk through the tree leaves.  Just before [totality] all the cicadas stopped singing instantaneously, and the crickets began chirping. That took my breath away.”

Leaving on Sunday afternoon, students and staff caravanned to camp. After unloading the vehicles, each class found the cabin they were assigned to and got nested, boys on one side, girls on the other.  A group of Seniors came early and prepared supper: spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad. Worship was next at the campfire bowl.  The praise team led the school family in some camp and worship songs.  Chaplain Jamieson gave a short worship thought to start our time at camp and kick off the Week of Prayer.

After worship, classes competed at the pool in a swimming relay, best dive and worst dive.  Then the gym was opened for class on class dodgeball. As the evening drew to a close, there were snacks, time to be with friends or continue to play in the gym.

After a breakfast of biscuits and gravy with hard boiled eggs and fruit with cereal students again gathered at the campfire bowl and began the day with worship.  Pastor Kevin Bowen, our Week of Prayer speaker, began sharing his passion for Jesus.  After worship, each class rotated through five stations accomplishing tasks and team building. Then it was time for a quick lunch and eclipse watching. 

Before leaving students had options during their free time: access to the pool and waterskiing, wakeboarding or riding in the donut.  Some chose to just hang out. After supper, we left camp and did not experience the high volume of traffic predicted to happen on Tennessee highways.

Reflecting on the weekend Khani Holliday, freshmen, “liked all the activities, especially the dodgeball game and the food was good.”