MA’s Public Relations 101 Class presented at the Chamber of Commerce Meeting on February 15. The students welcomed guests to the luncheon meeting and promoted their class project: Neely’s Bend 5K Run . The April 22nd run/walk will support Madison Academy’s work-study scholarship program and the 100 Club of Nashville. While the principal mingled in the room, the Chamber Members and guests consistently remarked how polite, professional, and articulate the student presented themselves. After lunch, Khani and Leo made a presentation to the Chamber about the 5K, MA’s work-study program, and the 100 Club of Nashville. District Fire Chief Donnie Allen joined them on the platform. Before sharing the details the transportation plans for Nashville, Mayor Barry looked directly at the MA students and commended them for their interest in the 100 Club and their chose to engage in public service at such a young age. We have some PR Professionals in the making!