We are proud of our Athletic Director, math and PE teacher, Alex Adams for doing hard things and getting accepted into MTSU’s educational doctoral program where he will study human performance with a specialization in physical education.

Coach Adams has served the Madison Academy family for six years building an athletic program, coaching multiple sports, teaching numerous classes, as well as sponsoring classes the National Honor Society.

“His absence will leave a gap!” stated Kris Fuentes. “Coach Adams has the personality and training of an Eagle Scout. He owns any project we throw at him with grit and tenacity. He also has the most teaching endorsements of anyone on our campus which makes him versatile. We can always trust Coach Adams to know course standards, practice the latest teaching strategies, and push his students to their balanced best.”

“It’s amazing how God moved through this process,” Adams shared when he made the announcement to the students during Tuesday’s chapel. “I set out a fleece to God that if it was His will for me to go to graduate school, He would make a clear path. I applied for the only graduate teaching assistant position and left it there. It was a long shot. Then, over spring break, I got confirmation that I was chosen for that GA position, which covers tuition and provides a small stipend. God had shown me the direction I needed to follow, and I’m going for it with excitement and fear all mixed in one.”

We are going to miss Coach Adams terribly, but are glad that MTSU is local and that his wife, Jenni Adams, will still be running the Madison Farm.