Each year the Acros host a Christmas banquet for the ladies from the Nashville Rescue Mission.  It’s always an amazing experience and a lot of fun! However, over the last couple of years, Coach Ley has yearned to grow the event and find a way to include more kids.  This year foster families were
contacted and invited to have their own Christmas party on Saturday night.  Nachos, cookies, popcorn, a candy station, an Acros show, and of course presents made the evening unforgettable!

This takes a school-wide effort to make an event like this successful.  From parents and staff who donate gifts, food, money and especially their time to
the students who wrapped gifts, set up tables and performed; this was a whole community effort.  That effort produced some powerful emotions and responses from our guests.

One father said, “Honestly, I did not know what to expect.  I was hesitant about coming and bringing my kids. However, this was amazing!  I took so many pictures and video!  I’m going to share this with all my friends who are foster parents.  I hope you’re ready to host twice as many next year because everyone will want to come to this!”

Another mother sent a text that said, “My daughter could not believe her eyes when she opened her gift and got an art set and a gift card!  She broke down and cried.  Thank you for all you did tonight, you are blessing lives!”

That last quote sums up the mission of Madison Academy.  We teach, learn and serve to bless lives.  Anything short of that would be a waste of time.