Beginning the new school year 2020-21

We have been hoping, praying, planning, preparing, praying, cleaning, waiting, and praying… for this week! It is the week our campus is once again filled with the chatter of students, the slamming of lockers, the clicking of fingers on chromebooks, and or laughter of friends. We are READY!!

We are ready to teach… to inspire… to play… to cheer… to connect… to pray! We are ready to be flexible… ready to adjust when our plans don’t work quite right… ready to do whatever it takes to support our students in their high school journey. We are ready… because we have been PRAYING for YOU!

New masks await you! We have a Ziploc baggie with two masks and a lanyard for each student on the first day of school.

No HOT LUNCH the First 3 days Due to all the COVID-19 adjustments, we are delaying our hot lunch program for the first week. (But, we ARE serving for Freshmen Orientation.) It will begin on Monday, August 17. The menu schedule will be in the newsletter later this week.
MA Polo Required for ALL Virtual Students Students who attend class virtually are required to wear an MA polo as part of being prepared to learn. This applies to quarantined students and those choosing online learning.
Absence Reporting – A New Protocol ! As part of the new safety protocols, we are requesting parents report any and all student absences. Planned absences (trips, appointments, etc), can be reported in advance. Emergency absences (illness, traffic, etc) should be reported by 7:45 AM. Reports can be made by calling the school 615-865-4055 or emailing   Parents will be called for verification if the student is not present and the absence was not reported. Thanks for helping!

Upcoming student elections

Love to worship? Enjoy a good party? Have something to say? Want to use your talents to lead others? If you value school culture and want to be a part of creating activities and building relationships… you should run for a student leadership office!!

Campaign week for Student Council officers is scheduled for August 17-20 with speeches on the 19th and elections on the 20th. If interested, complete the application linked here and submit by Friday, August 14 by 9 AM. Class Officers will be elected in class meetings on Friday, August 21. If you have questions about students leadership, connect with Chappy Jamieson or Mrs. Fuentes, emails linked here.

Athletic Depart News

We review and evaluate our pandemic response plans EVERYDAY! It is imperative that we, to be best of our ability, protect our students and staff. We continue to make careful, thoughtful decisions that are difficult and sometimes unpopular.

Late last week, we made the decision to cancel the girls volleyball season. We did so after a lengthy debate considering multiple factors. We will reevaluate the athletic program and future sports’ seasons regularly. 

We have an exciting alternative! Because we value the athletic program and want to keep our students engaged in sports, we have organized a robust intramural program for the next few months (and longer if it’s needed). Coach Smith, our Athletic Director, is already working on plans for a series of co-ed, individual and small group, non- / minimal-contact sports. Our decision to adjust is our bold attempt to play sports safely, limit our risk, and provide more options for all students and staff. We will explain more about the Intramural Program in the coming newsletters and at school. We are planning for the Cross Country season to CONTINUE. The practices and meets can be properly socially-distanced. Coach Ley will have more information for potential team members in the first few days of school.

Planned flexibility

We’re back! The MA team is preparing for our students to return!
Does MA have a plan?  Yes, we have 36… one for every week. Our commitment can be summed up in this expression: “PLANNED FLEXIBILITY.” We remain devoted to our God, our students, and our curriculum. So, we are starting our education ministry on August 12 (Aug 11 for Freshmen). 
If I send my student back on campus, will he/she be safe?  We are taking many steps to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff. Masks, screening, hand-sanitizers, proper instruction and signage, social-distancing, careful consistent cleaning, and much more, are all a part of our plan to mitigate the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19.  
If I keep my student home, will he/she be engaged in learning?  Teachers trained this week on the new mobile command centers and drafted lesson plans in new digital formats so they can be ready to provide synchronous education both in the classroom and virtual. They have new hardware and software, along with many of new tools and ideas to elevate the learning experience.
What if things change?  Well, it’s guaranteed. Things have and will continue to change! But the amazing Madison Academy team of educators and support personnel believes in consistent revision… professionally, physically, spiritually (Read Psalm 119:33-40). We are small and nimble, so we can and will adjust as needed. We have committed to PLANNED FLEXIBILITY!
Does Madison have a self-paced course option? Sorry. No. We know our limitations and do not have the staff at this time. For an online SDA home school platform, we recommend Griggs International through Andrews University. 
What if…?  Exactly! I feel your pain in the question. We know that the decision to be on campus, virtual, or home school can be difficult one. We are are fully aware of the financial choice you are making as well. Just know that we are committed to our God, our students, our curriculum… and to PLANNED FLEXIBILITY!!

Covid-19 Response Plan

Yearbooks handed out

The ongoing pandemic changed the yearbook schedule and release. The 2020 Yearbooks are at the school and are being handed out to students and staff in front of the main lobby. The dates and times to pick up your yearbook are Tuesday and Wednesday, August 4 and 5, 1 pm to 3 pm and again on Monday, August 10th between 9am – 3pm. If those times are not convenient please contact Mrs. Monroe and she will work with you to get a yearbook in your hands.

8th Annual Prayer Walk

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the annual prayer walk was held outside of the Madison Academy on the lawn. Families and our school family met to worship and then bathe Madison Campus Elementary and Madison Academy in prayer for everyone who walks the halls: students, teachers, and administrators. We asked for safety, wisdom, and discernment. We also asked for God to become more real in each of our lives and of those who walked the halls and where in classrooms.

Vespers started with praising God in song. Patrick King and Ireland Kroll lead.

ACT logo

ACT… our Test Center closed in June

ACT has closed our test center for the June exam. Here is a link to FAQs that may help in answering our students’ and parents’ concerns.

Congratulations Class of 2020

Commencement on Sunday, May 31 turned out to be an almost perfect day! The only thing that could have been better was MORE people celebrating… and obviously that was not an option. If you missed the service, check out our YouTube channel.

Madison Academy logo

Good Things Happening

Some see challenges… we see opportunities! During our post-week meetings, MA educators met (from 6′ apart) to reflect on the successes and learning experiences of virtual school then to ponder the possibilities for the future. Having fostered a culture of continuous improvement, we are eagerly developing intentional plans for multiple scenarios: (1) safe school on campus, (2) virtual school, and (3) a hybrid of both campus attendance and remote learning. Our preparations are not final, as the CDC, local government, and risk management continue to make changes in their recommendations. However, of this we are sure: we will be prepared to implement the necessary plans regardless of what the situation looks like.

Summer is always an exciting time on our campus… renovations, updates, and changes that make the place nicer, safer, and more usable for our students. This summer is no exception! We will bring you photos and details on the switches and upgrades in rooms, technology, and safety. We continue to be grateful for the generous gifts and grants that make these positive changes possible.

Madison Academy logo

KY-TN Office of Education: Official Notice

After careful consideration of the increasing spread of the COVID-19 virus and out of concern for the wellbeing and safety of our staff and students, the KYTN Conference Office of Education has decided to extend Spring Break for students through March 29.  This is done out of an abundance of caution to “flatten the curve” and allow deep cleaning of facilities.  The 5 days of  Instructional time that are missed will not need to be made up as we trust you will do all you can to adjust curriculum during the time away. School will resume as normal or virtually on Monday, March 30 as the situation demands. 

As this pandemic continues to unfold, further information regarding online class delivery, schedules, and events will be communicated.  Should the need arise to extend the break because of a continued ongoing health crisis, plans will be put into place to institute online class delivery. In this event, you will receive direct communication and instructions. 

Teachers WILL report the week of March 23-27 as determined in cooperation with the  KYTN Conference Office of Education and principals.  Principals should address any locally-funded staffing needs in consultation with the Superintendent.