Youth Summit Safety Guidelines

1. Always carry the two-way radio with you, especially into the house. Before entering, you must have permission from your leader and give them the address.
2. Your two-way radio is to be used for business only—no personal conversations carried on. This enables the leader to be able to have constant contact with you.
3. Use the block system which is: When arriving at the end of the block and your partner across the street is behind you, cross the street and work back toward them on their side until you meet. Then start the next block working your respective sides.
4. You are only allowed to enter a house if you have permission from your leader. If you enter a house, leave the bag in a visible spot to the street where your supervisor can easily see it. If raining, take in the book bag and leave the umbrella outside. You must always take in your radio!
5. Females never enter a house alone where there are only males. Make sure there is a female present before you enter.
6. When walking between houses, always keep an eye out for your partner. If you see something suspicious call your leader on the radio.
7. If you should be harassed or feel threatened at any time, immediately call your supervisor whether you’re in a house or on the street.

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