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Acros home show

Backdrops for Acros home show! Sea battles, pirates, mermaids, stowaways, castaways, Egyptians, and cannibals will combine for a night of entertainment you won’t forget. There’s also a little bit of gymnastics thrown in😀. This Sunday night at 5 pm at the Madison Academy gym, see you there!  The event will also be live-streamed and available […]

Acros Tour 2016

The Acros Team took advantage of the long President’s day and Valentine’s day weekend to do some team bonding, skill building, and service.  The tour began with a caravan down to SAU on Friday, February 12.  The Acros got to experience what a Friday night vespers program was like on a university campus.  After the […]

Madison Academy students and staff share Christmas spirit

On Sunday December 14, The Madison Academy Acros hosted a unique event at the Madison Academy Gymnasium. Normally the gym is reserved for sporting  events, school functions and annually the Acros hold their home show there. But this event was designed to bring Christmas cheer and to share the love of Jesus to some who […]

Coach Ley’s personal challenge

I am soliciting donations for my gymnastics team. We are in desperate need of new equipment and are running into expenses we don’t have money for. If you have been a member of any of the teams that I have coached you know that gymnastics can be a positive experience and can even be a […]