Work Opportunities

On-campus work may be given to students who are interested in working off part of their tuition expenses.  The earnings will be applied to the student’s account and will not be paid in cash.  Students must apply to work in the maintenance/grounds area, as a MA or MCE custodian, reader, janitor etc. All positions are applied and accepted by the Business Office. Please stop by the business office to receive applications and a list of open positions. 

PFE (Partnering for Eternity):

Partnering for Eternity is a way for students to receive scholarship dollars by meeting with a community mentor and working with them in a helpful, kind way. The program is as follows: 

Objectives for students enrolled in PFE: 

1: Student learns to consider the needs of others. 

2: Student learns commitment–follow-thru– reward. 

3: Student learns work ethic while funding their education.

4: Service leads to committed Christian adults. 

5: Service brings delight to the daily life of “Scholarship Mentor” 

Students who would like to apply for PFE must follow the following requirements: 

1: Student must turn in application 1month prior to start of receiving funds. 

2: “Scholarship Mentor” must be pre-approved by scholarship committee/staff prior to receiving funds. “Scholarship Mentor” must be a person who can no longer leave their home on a daily basis or who has decreased social relationships due to age or declining health. 

3: “Scholarship Mentor” must not be a relative. 

4: There should be a one-hour visit each week. If more than 2 consecutive weeks are missed for reasons not due to illness or absence, the student may be dropped from the scholarship program. 

5: Service time can not be performed during church service, programs, movies, etc. 

6: “Summary of Visit” form is due the first day of school each week by 8am. Credit will be given for the week the form is turned in (not the week the visit was done). The visit needs to occur no more than 7 days prior to turning the summary in. 

7: “Summary of Visit” form must be filled out COMPLETELY and ACCURATELY, including all needed signatures. 

8: Students must write an essay to the scholarship committee on “ how serving their elders/community has impacted their lives and the lives of their ‘Scholarship Mentor”. This will be due 4 months from acceptance of application. 

If you would like to apply for this scholarship please fill out the application and turn it in to Mr. Benny Thompson. For more information or to speak to Mr. Thompson please feel free to call him at: 901-413-0904.