Student and Parents should Join the Planksgiving Challenge!

November 27, 2018, marks the seventh-year of Giving Tuesday! This is an international day to give back to local non-profit organizations by donating money, raising awareness, or volunteering.

This year Madison Academy is participating by raising money for a new gym air-circulation system. This way all events, from PE class to basketball games, from alumni weekend to graduation, will be comfortable for participants and spectators.

We are removing the current AC output units and installing one exoskeleton ductsock over each basketball court. We are also going to patch up the insulation holes in the gym.

This is an example of an exosekeleton ductsock at a YMCA gymnasium. Exoskeleton ductsox don’t make the popping noise when inflated.

We are encouraging everyone to give via Facebook on November 27, 2018 at 7:01 a.m. Facebook has partnered with Paypal this year to match gifts, up to $7 million, to organizations that receive gifts via Facebook fundraising. Each organization has the opportunity to be matched up to $250,000 on that day. The catch? Funds are available first come first serve and matching starts at 7:00 a.m. central time.

We are also encouraging our students and families to participate in Planksgiving. Students who donate $12 to this cause and do a 3-minute plank on November 20, will have their donations quadrupled!!! Join the Planksgiving challenge on Facebook!