Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesday $4,500

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a lovely reminder that this time of year is about “giving back” instead of “getting more.”

What is Madison Academy’s goal?

We have new HVAC units that have the adequate capacity to cool and heat our gym, but sadly we do not have adequate air circulation. In order to complete HVAC system, we need to install an air duct sock system in the gym.

A contractor has generously agreed to do this program at cost, but we need your help to raise $8,000!

What is an air duct sock system?

It is a long fabric tube (hence sock) that helps disperse and circulate air in large buildings.

Why does Madison Academy need one if we have a new thermostat?

While our heating and cooling system is not made to cool/heat and circulate the air in our giant gym. Not only do our sports teams use our gym to practice, but we have churches who utilize our gym, we hold events like graduation and festivals there, host church league games, and have summer sports camps for the community. Tennessee is hot and humid most of the year, and unless the air conditioning is circulated throughout the gym it keeps the inside muggy.

How much will this cost?

Thanks to a contractor who will install the sock at cost, it will simply cost $10,000 to buy and install. Luckily we have raised $2,000 already!

How can I help?

By donating and spreading the word. You can donate a fixed amount by clicking the button. You can also come support our teams by coming to their home games, donating concession items, or joining our Booster club.

Don’t you already have a set-up in there?

Great question! Our current set up is over fifteen years old. Technology has made leaps and bounds since then. We want to upgrade our system so not only we can stream campus events like graduation, alumni weekend, and athletic games, but give our community a great place to play. Many churches rent our gym also give our students the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art equipment in the computer programming and video editing classes.