#HandUp Scholarship Fund


Sometimes life happens and finances get a bit sticky. It could have been from a lost job, unforeseen medical expenses, or even a family emergency. We want to support your student’s education at Madison Academy and be the solid rock during this stormy time.


  1. To help students become financially cleared to take their finals.
  2. To help students become financially cleared in order to send out their transcripts to colleges or trade schools.
  3. To be a source of support to families during crisis.


  1. Be in financial need
  2. The student needs to be fulfilling work-study obligations
  3. Be asked by the MA administration to apply.
  4. Apply to receive the funds.
    1. Write a 300-word letter explaining, “How Madison Academy Makes a Difference in My Life.”
    2. Create a new financial payment plan with the business office.

Fund Distribution

  1. Funds will be distributed according to class standing, family status, and scholarship committee evaluation.
  2. Funds are used first as a matching opportunity for families to make current their student’s school bill if other situation arise the committee will make a decision fitting to the situation.
  3. Funds are given out on a first-come, first served basis.