Our Fundraising Mission

Our 2018-2019 Goals

Time:  Your presence is a blessing!  Attend games, volunteer in the concession booth, or cheer from the bleachers. If not sports, then adopt one of our classes to help with hot lunch once a week (you don’t even have to be an experienced cook!).

Talent: Your expertise has immense value!  Help enhance our curriculum by sharing your skills with a class, presenting on career day, speaking for morning worship, or mentoring a student.

Treasure: Your gift makes a difference!  This year’s School Enhancement Plan goals include projects totaling $365,000.

Learn more about our plans at www.madisonacademy.com/sep

Donate online at madisonacademy.com/donate

Contact Taleah Valles-Peters at development@madisonacademy.com or Kris Fuentes at principal@madisonacademy.com

Our Progress as of March 2019

We’ve exceeded our goal for 2018-2019!!!

We’ve raised $478,485 already this year. Here is a list of really cool projects we’ve done

Program Enhancements

  • Instructional Coach for our Teachers
  • Purchased 10, TI-Inspire calculators
  • Professional College and Career Testing for our Juniors
  • Robotic Kits

Facility Improvements

  • Duct Sox for the gym
  • Gym ceiling and roof repair
  • New Sound system for the gym
  • 97 x 30 ft. Green House with fans and thermostat
  • Remodeled our music classrooms into music studios

Student Aid:

  • $91,361 in student aid

Breakdown of Funds Raised

We are also celebrating our supporters who donate their time and talent with us:

Athletic Volunteers:

  • Michael Adalla
  • Vicki Anderson
  • Trina Armstrong
  • Cindy Boskind
  • Karen Brown
  • Maurice Crayton
  • Mike Downs
  • Warren and Jackie Downs
  • Julie Kroll
  • Mike and Faith Martin
  • Matt and Linda Plank
  • Rob and Jennifer Taylor
  • Bobby and Tami Tishaw
  • Doug Thompson
  • Nicole Levoy
  • Ken Wetmore

Student Mentors

  • Menié Bell
  • Warren Downs
  • Amanda Kelley
  • Chelsea Moore
  • Chris Russell

Academic Support

  • Donnie Allen
  • Jennifer Downs
  • Mike Downs
  • Warren Downs
  • Ashley Gonzalez
  • Marilyn Heyde
  • Sharna Metzler
  • Officer Henry Particelli
  • Pastor Nacho Silverio
  • O.T. Smith
  • Sonya Underwood

Prayer Warriors

  • Trina Armstrong
  • Jackie Downs
  • Julie Kroll
  • Luisa Pearman
  • Ken Wetmore

Madison Farmers

  • Bobby Burks
  • Mike Clark
  • Daisy Clark
  • Jorge Heyde
  • David Kelley
  • Ryan Peters