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Fitness Gram used to determine health of students

During assembly time, Wednesday, September 5, students changed out of school uniforms and into workout clothes and participated in the Fitness Gram test in the gym. This test measures student’s aerobic capacity in the pacer test, body composition with weight and height measurements, muscular strength in doing push-ups, muscular endurance in performing sit-ups and flexibility with the shoulder stretch and trunk lift. Those students that meet the national standards in each of these areas according to Coach Adams will have fewer health issues as they age and live longer.

The Fitness Gram replaced the Presidential Fitness tests in 2013 that included pull-ups, sit-ups, standing broad jump, shuttle run, 50-yard dash.  The Fitness Gram, developed by the Cooper Institute, is now used nationwide to determine elementary and high school age children health levels.

Just under 50% of our student population met the Fitness Gram standards.  Here are the names of those that met or excelled beyond the standards.

Robert Adalla Christopher Galvis Sean Monroe
Sara Adalla Cam’Ron Golden Breana Moore
Donovan Allen Cecilia Garcia Carly Moseley
Camden Armstrong Ethan Harris Fabiola Perez-Garcia
Marlana Bell Kristina Huskey Ian Petersen
Rosie Benoit Jake Johnson Juli Plank
Spencer Boskind Ethan Jones Beau Rodriguez
Gabriel Brown Alex King Eden Rowe
Cozette Cassidy Jonathan Krawchuk Paige Rufo
Connor Collins Aiden Kroll Matthew Sears
Andre Crayton Ashlyn Levoy Michael Sullivan
Andrew Crecelius Kaylyn Levoy Paola Tass Coral
Paige Eby Joey Limonta Oscar Tass Coral
Amari Fountain Leo Martinez Colton Taylor
Austin Fuentes Kendra Miller Jack Wheeler
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The Wheels on the bus go round and round

Thanks to a gift from donors last year we were able to purchase and wrap two 12-passenger vans. These vans have taken our students all over… from drama outings to sports tournaments, from volunteering at the 403 Center to field trips to the Chamber of Commerce. These vans have been well used and truly loved. Private support is what makes it possible for us to not only transport our students around Middle TN, but also promote our school at the same time. If you want to help support any projects, contact our Director of Development, Taleah Valles-Peters.

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National Honor Society inducts new members

Three students were inducted into the Madison Academy chapter of the National Honor Society during this year’s Dedication Service. The new inductees were Zachary Metzler, Julianne Plank, and Abby Tishaw. Colton Taylor transferred his NHS membership into the Madison Academy chapter and participated as an active member. This year the total membership of the National Honor Society is 18: 13 Seniors, 4 Juniors and 1 Sophomore.

The NHS has four core values: scholarship, leadership, service and character. At the beginning of the school year, students who have an accumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher are given an application to complete which is evaluated by the Faculty Council. The basis for acceptance into the NHS is demonstrated leadership, service, involvement at school and the community, work experience and any recognition or awards they received. There are four short answer questions each applicant answers on learning, leadership, strength of character and the impact of service to the one serving.

Parents, family and community members showed their support of their NHS members both current and new. Pastor Chelsea Inglish from Madison Campus Church gave a short inspirational talk. She challenged everyone with the phrase, “Whatever work you do, do your best…” Ecclesiastes 9:10. She recognized that adults do not at times met that standard, however NHS members perform at a high standard not easily done during the teenage years. They are to be commended.

The program finished with the new members signing their names on the National Honor Society membership book and followed with an opportunity for pictures of the entire NHS current membership. Light refreshments were shared at the conclusion of the program.

Current members of the Madison Academy chapter of the National Honor Society

National Honor Society Members 2018 Top left to right: Austin Fuentes, Jake Johnson, Aiden Kroll, Colton Taylor, Zach Matzler, Andre Crayton, Donovan Allen, Ian Petersen, Bottom left to right: Parker Luellen, Breana Moore, Amari Fountain, Ashlyn Levoy, Abby Tishaw, Camden Armstrong, Kristen Whitley, Julianne Plank, Not pictured: Marlana Bell, Cecelia Garcia, Jack Wheeler