Athletic Depart News

We review and evaluate our pandemic response plans EVERYDAY! It is imperative that we, to be best of our ability, protect our students and staff. We continue to make careful, thoughtful decisions that are difficult and sometimes unpopular.

Late last week, we made the decision to cancel the girls volleyball season. We did so after a lengthy debate considering multiple factors. We will reevaluate the athletic program and future sports’ seasons regularly. 

We have an exciting alternative! Because we value the athletic program and want to keep our students engaged in sports, we have organized a robust intramural program for the next few months (and longer if it’s needed). Coach Smith, our Athletic Director, is already working on plans for a series of co-ed, individual and small group, non- / minimal-contact sports. Our decision to adjust is our bold attempt to play sports safely, limit our risk, and provide more options for all students and staff. We will explain more about the Intramural Program in the coming newsletters and at school. We are planning for the Cross Country season to CONTINUE. The practices and meets can be properly socially-distanced. Coach Ley will have more information for potential team members in the first few days of school.