Elementary School 

We are dedicated to magnifying God in all we do, fostering a nurturing environment where students can grow as disciples of Christ. We emphasize academic excellence, ensuring that our students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed. 

Middle School

Focused on Christian values, we inspire students to be courageous, humble, and compassionate. Our Middle School community empowers students to confront challenges with confidence.  Where everyone engages, everyone grows, everyone belongs, and Jesus reigns. 

High School

Rooted in a tradition of purpose, we exist to equip high school students to be Inspired Seekers, Empowered Scholars, and Devoted Servants rising to the challenges of the 21st Century by developing the skills that improve the quality of the family, the community, and the workforce. 

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Madison Academy

High-School Building & Business Office

100 Academy Road

Madison, TN 37115 

PH:  615-865-4055

Elementary and Middle School Building

1515 Sutherland Dr

Madison, TN 37115 

PH: 615-865-4575