Rooted in a tradition of purpose, Madison Academy exists to equip high school students to be Inspired Seekers, Empowered Scholars, and Devoted Servants rising to the challenges of the 21st Century by developing the skills that improve the quality of the family, the community, and the workforce.


Our students leave Madison Academy positioned to thrive in college, career, and life through the embodiment of seven Core Characteristics which are infused in our curriculum and culture.

Core Characteristics

Communication to articulate thoughts, listen effectively, and use these skills in a wide range of purposes and various environments.
Collaboration to work effectively and respectfully in diverse teams, exhibit flexibility, and assume shared responsibility.
Critical-Thinking to demonstrate reasoning skills, analyze how parts of whole interact, evaluate evidence, synthesize and make connections, reflect critically, and solve different kinds of problems.
Creativity to use a range of idea creation techniques, generate new and worthwhile ideas, elaborate, refine, analyze, and evaluate to improve.
Confidence to possess a sense of self-worth and belonging, has the knowledge of being a part of something bigger than him- or her-self, capable of critique and growth, has the power to change, chooses to be solution-oriented, and knows that with power comes great responsibility.
Compassion to have empathy that fuels acts of kindness and mercy, to demonstrate interpersonal and cultural sensitivity, as well as, a distinctive level of leadership that is responsive to the needs of others.
Christ-likeness to embrace the characteristics of Christ, which include: faithfulness, prayerfulness, wisdom, virtue, humility, obedience, patience, charity, generosity, and forgivingness.