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Welcome to Madison Academy

Madison Academy is an amazing school. We are proud of the students we serve, the educated faculty that teach here and the community that supports us. Our rich history stems from founders that heeded Mrs. White’s counsel and headed “south” to start a school that would enable students to work their way through college. A school that was written and applauded by Mrs. Elenor Roosevelt herself in her newspaper column “My Day” after visiting Madison College saying “I wonder if this story will not make some people want to investigate and find out if here is a real answer to some of our youth problems which deserves our support.”  The college did close in 1964, but the Elementary school and Academy lives on. We are proud that our students leave Madison Academy positioned still to be as Mrs White said “A spectacle to the world”…  to thrive in college, career, and life through the embodiment of our Seven Core Characteristics that are infused in our curriculum and culture. We welcome you to our community, school and MA family!