Subject AreasGeneral DiplomaCollege-Prep DiplomaMA Honors Diploma*
Religion1 semester for every semester at an SDA HS1 semester for every semester at an SDA HS1 semester for every semester at an SDA HS
English40 sp40 sp40 sp
Math40 sp40 sp40 sp
Science30 sp30 sp30 sp
Social Sciences

(W Hist, US Hist, Govt & Econ)

30 sp30 sp30 sp
Modern Languages

(Two years of one language)

20 sp
20 sp20 sp
Personal Finance5 sp5 sp5 sp
Physical Education

(includes 1 sem Health)

20 sp20 sp20 sp

(Life Skills/Career, Comp Lit, Pathways)

20 sp20 sp20 sp
Fine Arts
10 sp15 sp1 class for each year of high school (4 min) 20-40 sp
Electives10sp5 – 25 sp
Minimum Required Semester Periods
GPA Minimum
sp = Semester Periods
Five sp equals one full semester while ten sp equals two semesters.
The College Prep Diploma must include Algebra 2, while the MA Honors Diploma must include Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus. Calculus AB is considered the 5th year of math.
ScienceAll diplomas must include Biology. The MA Honors Diploma must include Anatomy & Physiology and Chemistry. Physics is considered the 4th year of science.
Physical Education
All diplomas must take 10 sp of Freshman Physical Education.
FundamentalsOnly the General Diploma can include courses designated as “Fundamentals”.
ESL Courses
English as a Second Language courses meet the requirements for either the General Diploma
or the College Prep Diploma.
*MA Honors Diploma-Must take a minimum of four honors level courses between the junior and senior year which is to include Pre-Calculus (MATH 120/121).
-Additionally, the senior on this track must choose either the 5th year of studies in math or English, or the 4th year of science.