• Freshman Year
  • Life and Teachings of Jesus

    Literature Appreciation & Composition

    Algebra 1A or Algebra 1


    Physical Education

    Computer Literacy, 1 sem

    Health, 1 sem

    Fine Arts


  • Junior Year
  • Christian Beliefs

    American Literature & Composition

    Geometry 1A, Algebra 2 (may be taken after the Fr or So summer)
    or Pre-Calculus (MATH120/121)

    Survey of Chemistry or Chemistry

    US History or AP US History

    Spanish 1

    Fine Arts


  • Sophomore Year
  • Church History

    World Literature & Composition

    Algebra 1B or Geometry

    Physical Science or Anatomy & Physiology

    World History

    Life Skills, 1 sem

    Career Education/Study Skills, 1 sem

    Fine Arts


  • Senior Year
  • The Christian Life

    British Literature, 1 sem

    English Composition 1 sem or
    English Composition I (COMP101), 1 sem

    AP English Literature*(5th year of English)

    Survey of Math or AP Calculus AB

    Physics (the 4th year of science)

    Government, 1 sem

    Economics, 1 sem

    Personal Finance, 1 sem or Personal Finance, 1 sem

    Spanish 2

    Fine Arts