• Advanced Placement (AP)

    Advanced Placement (AP) courses are taught on our campus with approval from the College Board. Although policies differ, most colleges and universities accept AP credits in lieu of designated college courses. At the end of a school year, students take the AP exam in their particular course, and are scored from 1 – 5 points. Generally speaking, a score of 3 or better is given credit for a college course. We offer AP European History, AP United States History, and AP Calculus.  Passing the AP test could waive a total of 3 credits at a post-secondary institution.  AP Calculus AB is considered the 5th year of studies in math.

  • Dual Enrollment

    Dual Enrollment classes are Southern Adventist University courses which are taught on our campus by faculty with a Master’s Degree in that area. We teach the same syllabus and use the same textbooks as used at SAU. Seniors must have at least a 3.0 GPA, meet other pre-requisites and pay their fees to get into a particular class. A grade earned in this class becomes part of a SAU transcript. We teach:

    On Campus:

    • MATH120/121 Pre-Calculus (5 credits)
    • Statistics
    • COMP101 English Composition I (3 credits)