Work-Study Just Makes Sense

At its inception in 1904 Madison College was one of the most remarkable and innovative healthcare colleges in the nation. The college was founded on the principle that higher education should be affordable to any student, no matter their financial background. In order to make that dream a reality, the healthcare college offered students jobs in numerous industries such as farming, canning, mechanic shop, office support, and laundry services, here on campus.

Even though the college transitioned to a high school in 1964, we continue to champion this dream by offering current students the opportunity to work after school to help defray the cost of their tuition.

Due to inflation, students are not able to work off their entirety of their school bill, like in the old days. However, this scholarship program provides the opportunity for matching students’ work contributions, up to 100%. At Madison Academy, our scholarships are reserved for students who participate in the work-study program.

It is one of our goals to position our students to thrive in the workplace and community. That means learning the value of working hard to accomplish their dreams and being a contributing member of society.

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