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Lady Knights volleyball competes with Franklin Road Christian Academy

On Tuesday night Franklin Road Christian Academy played both our girls volleyball varsity and jv teams. Here is the information that is available now:
Tuesday 8/18
Middle School  @ 5pm
High School Varsity @ 6pm
Site: Madison Academy gym


Madison Academy loses volleyball match to Pleasant View Christian

The Madison Academy Lady Knights varsity volleyball team lost to Pleasant View Christian 0-3.  This drops the team record to 1-1 for the regular season.  The next game is a home game against Franklin Classical on Tuesday night, August 18 at 5:30pm.  The JV game starts at 4:30pm.


Here is the box score and statistics for the Varsity game:

Pleasant View Christian
Madison Academy

B: Anderson 1 Currie 1 A: Armstrong:5 A: Currie 1 K: Anderson 3 D: Anderson 5


Here is the box score for the JV game:

Pleasant View Christian
Madison Academy


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SA Scavenger Hunt tradition continues

The Student Association is hosting the annual Scavenger Hunt in the Madison Academy gym beginning at 8pm. This is a class competition that involves not only the students and staff but includes parents as well.  Each class brings items from home and school and spreads them out in one of the four corners of the gym. In the center of the gym the announcer will call for an item.  Each class will look through their stuff and pass it to the runner who will then take it to the table in the center of the gym.  The first class to get the correct item to the table earns one point. If the class runner has the exact item they earn one point.  If the class has the correct item category they earn one point.  For example, if a state quarter–Tennessee is called each class that brings that item to the table will earn one point for a state quarter, one point if it is a Tennessee state quarter, and one point if the class is the first to place it on the table.  There is a time limit to find and bring the called items to the table.  At the end of each round is an untimed event, such as who can drink a bottle of water the fastest.  Also during each round in random places classes are called to create a pyramid: a base of four, then three, then two, then one who will raise their hands to show they are done.

There are many rounds and each class usually is close to the lead for a time.  After each round the standings are announced to indicate how many points a class earned in the competition to that point. At the end the final standings are given and a winner of the scavenger hunt is announced.  Not only do students and sponsors participate in running but parents can do so too.  The parents have a key role to play in the event just by showing up.  The SA awards Spirit points to students and parents that participate in this event. Record is taken at 8pm and those who are at the gym are awarded spirit points for their class.  At the end of the school year the class that has the most spirit points is given a $350 prize.

Madison adds golf to menu of sports options

Madison Academy is adding golf as a sport to its interscholastic sports program.  The season will play out in the fall and spring.  Coach Perkins from Madison Campus Elementary is leading out with this team.  Tryouts are Wednesday, August 19th at 4:30pm at the Riverside Golf Course.


In other Madison Academy sports news the cross country team is forming and has began to practice.  There is a parent meeting for Golf, Cross Country and Fall Soccer on Monday, August 17 in the library at 6pm. Coaches will provide information about the sports and their seasons and paperwork for parents to sign if their child is interested.


The soccer team is scheduling a few games in the fall so that the team can experience tournament play. They will go to the National Association of Christian Athletes [NACA] Volleyball & Soccer Tournament held each year in  Dayton, TN.  The girls volleyball team will participate as well.  This year’s tournament is scheduled to be played October 28-30, 2015.

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Prayer Walk

Prayer Walk

Madison girls win first volleyball match

Madison Academy girls volleyball team wins its first match against McClain Christian.

Here are the box scores:

Madison Academy
McClain Christian

Other stats:

Aces: Currie 8 Kills: Currie 3, Anderson 3 Assists: Armstrong 8 Mercado 7 Blocks: Laird 1

Regular season record 1-0

Next game: August 13, at home versus Pleasant View Christian starting at 5:30pm.  The JV team plays at 4:30pm

Girls Volleyball season starts today

The Lady Knights take on McClain Christian Academy in the first away game of the season starting at 4:30pm.  For a schedule of games go to our  sports calendar or download it there to your computer, tablet or phone.  Previously at the beginning of the month during the Play Days our both varsity and jv played at or above .500.  Thursday is a home game at with MA playing Pleasant View Christian starting at 5:30pm.  See the schedules and results of the games here and on MaxPrep or MA/MCE Athletics.


Schedule & Results
Date Time Opponent
08.03.2015 3:00pm Pleasant View JV W MAP
08.04.2015 12:00pm Christian Community High School W MAP
08.04.2015 2:00pm Hendersonville Christian Academy L MAP
08.04.2015 3:00pm Collegedale Academy L MAP
08.04.2015 8:00pm Christian Community High School T MAP
08.11.2015 4:30pm @ McClain Christian W MAP
08.13.2015 5:30pm Pleasant View Christian L MAP
08.18.2015 5:30pm Franklin Road Christian
08.24.2015 6:30pm Franklin Christian Academy  W MAP
08.27.2015 6:00pm Hendersonville Christian Academy  W MAP
08.31.2015 6:30pm @ Franklin Christian Academy  L MAP
09.03.2015 5:30pm Lighthouse Christian High School  W MAP
09.08.2015 5:30pm @ Pleasant View Christian  L MAP
09.15.2015 6:00pm @ Lancaster Christian Academy  W MAP
09.17.2015 6:30pm Middle TN Heat  W MAP
09.22.2015 5:30pm @ Lighthouse Christian High School  W MAP
09.27.2015 1:00pm Georgia Cumberland Academy  W MAP
09.28.2015 4:30pm McClain Christian  W MAP
10.20.2015 6:00pm Lancaster Christian Academy MAP
10.28.2015 TBA @ NACA Tournament
10.29.2015 TBA @ NACA Tournament
10.30.2015 TBA @ NACA Tournament
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Madison Academy offers fun activities as school starts

Sabbath, August 15 at 6:30-7:30 PM is our 3rd annual Campus Prayer Walk, which begins with worship in the chapel and continues all over the school grounds.


Saturday, August 15 at 8:00 PM is our 30th annual SA Scavenger Hunt, a hilarious class competition event which supplies fun for the whole family. Parents count for DOUBLE Spirit Trophy points. Wear your running shoes and bring a box of “junk.”


Sunday, August 16 begins our SA Fall Picnic at Indian Creek Camp. We leave the school at 3:30 PM and return on Monday by 5:30 PM. This overnight, action-packed excursion continues to be a student favorite! Click here for a permission slip.