MA wins second golf match of season

The three person Madison Academy golf team played Franklin Road Christian School on August 28th.  The team improved by 18 strokes since the last meet.  The team is now 1-1. Here are the results.

Golf Results 8-30
Madison Academy Franklin Road Christian School
1.  Josh Hardin 48 1.  Jacob 48
2.  Parker Rufo 56 2.  Robert 58
3.  Andre Crayton 57 3.  Victoria 58
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National Honor Society inducts 17 new members

The National Honor Society held its annual induction ceremony at 7pm in the chapel.  Seventeen students took the pledge and signed their name in the book of record.  Dr. Peter Kroll was the guest speaker.  After the ceremony there was a reception.  Here are the new members: Donovan Allen, Camden Armstrong, Marlana Bell, Dawysn Bemis,  Jordan R Brown, Samantha Canas, Michael Downs, Osiris Garcia, Kristina Huskey, James Jackson II, Parker Luellen, Breana Moore; Hadassah Pegues, Ian Petersen, Andrew Ware, Jewels Waterhouse and Jack Wheeler.

This week in sports

This week the golf team plays two matches.  On Tuesday they play FRCS and on Thursday PVC.  The cross country team has two events this week as well. On Monday they compete on the Curry Ingram course and on Thursday on our very own cross country course here on the campus of Madison Academy and Madison Campus Elementary.  Varsity volleyball plays Tuesday at FRCS.

On Sunday, the girls volleyball hosted the Collegedale Academy team.  Admission was free and there was a pancake breakfast for $5.  The Varsity game was exciting to watch.  Collegedale jumped out to a 2-0 games advantage.  During the third game the momentum changed and the Knights rallied to win the next three games to win the match 3-2.  The JV team lost 2-0.

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Golf results from first match

Here are the results of our first golf match of the season played at the Riverside Course.

Golf results 8-25
Madison Academy Goodpasture Merroll Hyde
1.  J. Hardin 56 1.  J. Fox 35 1.  J. Caldwell 40
2.  P. Rufo 60 2.  T. Gassie 40 2.  A Sukumalwong 42
3.  A. Crayton 66 3.  L. Foster 44 3.  S. Simerka 47
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Freshmen win Scavenger Hunt

The Class of 2020 won the first class competition in the annual Scavenger Hunt. Parents and students brought items from home and spread them out in the corners of the gym before the event.  Mrs. Fuentes, principal, called off items to be placed on a table in the middle of the gym.  A runner would then get the item from their stuff and try to be the first to place it on the table.  Classes could earn three points for the exact item and being the first team to place it on the table.  Two points for having the exact item and one point for having the part of the item called.  Before the final round of the evening three classes were tied for first place.  After the celebrating each classes scores everyone picked up their items and cleaned up their corners.

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Icebreaker breaks new ground

Students from each class after lunch on Friday went to the gym to start the annual Icebreaker where everyone get an opportunity to have some fun playing games. The Student council officers broke with tradition starting everyone in the gym for a little class on class competition.  Their were many plastic cups on the floor and each class was assigned a specific color.  The goal of the game was to collect all your cups and keep them right side up.  At the end of three minutes a tally was taken to identify a winner.

The next game student were divided into the same small groups that were used during orientation.  They lined up next to each other.  Each team had a bucket of water and had to transfer as much water as possible to the empty bucket at the end of the line.  Team members transferred the water in cups that were placed on their heads.

The final game was a class slip n slide kickball game.  When a student was up they would kick a beach ball and then run and slide to a base.  The Freshmen played the Seniors on one field and the Juniors played the Sophomores.  After a bit the teams swapped with the Seniors playing the Juniors and the Sophomores playing the Freshmen.  After the slip n slide kickball game frozen treats were given out.

MA hosts Volleyball play date

On August 8-9, fourteen girls volleyball teams arrived on campus and competed in a preseason warmup.  Here is a list of the schools that participated.

Christian Community, Collegedale Academy, Davidson Academy, Dayspring Academy, Franklin Classical, Hendersonville Christian, Lead Academy, Madison Academy varsity and jv, Middle TN Heat and Pleasant View varsity and jv.

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