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Icebreaker breaks new ground

Students from each class after lunch on Friday went to the gym to start the annual Icebreaker where everyone get an opportunity to have some fun playing games. The Student council officers broke with tradition starting everyone in the gym for a little class on class competition.  Their were many plastic cups on the floor and each class was assigned a specific color.  The goal of the game was to collect all your cups and keep them right side up.  At the end of three minutes a tally was taken to identify a winner.

The next game student were divided into the same small groups that were used during orientation.  They lined up next to each other.  Each team had a bucket of water and had to transfer as much water as possible to the empty bucket at the end of the line.  Team members transferred the water in cups that were placed on their heads.

The final game was a class slip n slide kickball game.  When a student was up they would kick a beach ball and then run and slide to a base.  The Freshmen played the Seniors on one field and the Juniors played the Sophomores.  After a bit the teams swapped with the Seniors playing the Juniors and the Sophomores playing the Freshmen.  After the slip n slide kickball game frozen treats were given out.