Classes elect officers for 2016-17

Today during assembly the classes chose officers for next year.  Since the seniors are graduating their class meeting was finalizing details of the weekend.

  Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen
Class of: 2017 2018 2019 2020
President Avery Kroll Jordan R. Brown Marlana Bell  
Pastor Osy Garcia Cody Tishaw Julianne Plank  
Activities Coordinator Jackson Wood Alayna Hunt Kirsten Levinskas  
Finance Officer Morgan Currie Cy Durias Breanna Moore  


Rachel Hudgens Kiara Sierra Rosie Benoit

Student government election results announced

Elections were held for student government positions today.  Each class was asked to come to the library and go to one of four ballot boxes to vote. The results were announced over the intercom just before the end of the school day.  The 2016-2017 Student Council officers are: Servant Leader/President – Symone Steward, Campus Ministries Coordinator – Christina Mercado, Service Coordinator – Jake Johnson, Communications Coordinator – Holly Hardin, Finance Officer – Donovan Allen, Activities Coordinator – Sara Adalla.  Elections for class offices are scheduled for next week.

Drama team announces Homeshow

drama homeshow

Junior US History students share Decades work

The juniors in Mr. Jamieson’s United States History class shared their decades project with other classes during assembly and with the 7th and 8th grades from Madison Campus Elementary school.  Teams of students studied the decades from 1900-2010 and prepared to share their learning with others.  Tables were set up and the teams decorated and displayed poster boards with significant people and events they thought were important.

SAU professors meet with students about college and careers

Two vans loaded with professors from Southern Adventist University met with Seniors in the chapel today.  For the undecided it was an opportunity to talk with college personnel and get information about options for life after high school.  For students considering one or two career paths it was an opportunity for ask focused questions about SAU and their degree options.  For students that are committed to attending SAU in the fall or Smart Start it was a chance to finalize details about classwork and campus life.

Choir and Drama tour during Spring Break

On Sunday, March 6th, the choir under the direction of Mr. Waldemar Wensell, and several adult sponsors are traveling to Rome, Italy to perform, and sight see.  The choir members and parents raised funds all year long by organizing bake sales, serving school lunch and working with local businesses like Panera Bread and Baskin and Robbins Ice Cream to donate a portion of the cash receipts to this trip.  The choir will perform four times during the week at Seventh-day Adventist Churches in the area.  When the choir is not singing, they will tour with Mr. Kevin Ramkissoon, our history teacher, as they explore the Colosseum and Roman Forum, the Vatican Museums (Sistine Chapel), Trevi Fountains and other sites.

Leaving Tuesday morning is the Drama team, lead by Mr. DJ McKenzie to the Washington, DC area.  The team will give performances for students at Spencerville Adventist Academy and Takoma Adventist Academy as well as providing the worship service at Beltsville SDA Church.  Team members and sponsors will have time to sight-see in the nation’s capital and enjoy the Smithsonian museums and other attractions.

Madison Academy shares Jesus at Madison Campus Church

On February 27th, for both the first and second services students and staff used their talents to praise God. The worship service began in song with Avery Kroll, Brianna Underwood, Mr. Dave Fuentes, Aiden Kroll and Colton Taylor leading the congregation in Blessed Assurance as the call to worship. Later in the service Mike Downs told the children’s story, Abigail Anderson had the prayer, and Ian Petersen, Mrs. Hardin with Camden Armstrong called for the offering.  The teaching covered Luke 14.  Three times a scripture passage was read, drama team members acted out short vignettes then Coach Ley with Symone Stewart and Moises Canas shared their experience from the Christmas Banquet for the homeless, and then Chaplain Jamieson tied it all together.  Behind the scenes Tyler Bell and Donovan Allen managed assigning microphones to all the participants and running the sound boards.

You are invited to watch either service using this link. The service is titled–The Invitation.

10th Graders care for flour sack babies

Last week the 10thgrade Life Skills class completed their flour sack baby project. They created a flour sack baby, and for a week they cared for the baby as if it were real,including providing babysitting, taking the baby to Cradle Roll, and one late night feeding. The project culminated in a field trip with their babies for lunch and “shopping” for baby items. Ours students got a good glimpse at the responsibilities and challenges of having an infant.

Parents enjoy Let’s Get Acquainted dinner

Snow and road conditions necessitated closing school for classes, however, the administrative team communicated with parents again yesterday to see if it was still an option to hold the Let’s Get Acquainted Dinner.  The response was positive so at 6:30 pm parents and prospective students joined the Madison Academy staff in a meal catered by Olive Garden.  Kris Fuentes, the principal, shared with everyone the core values at Madison, its curriculum and activities that make Madison Academy a safe place for teens to learn and grow.  Dan Johnson, Business Manager/VP shared the cost of education. There are work opportunities for students at the Linen Service in addition to campus jobs such as janitorial, maintenance and working with a teacher as a reader.  At the end of the evening staff members were available to answer any questions of parents or prospective students.

Students participate in National Mathematics Competition

Twenty students at Madison Academy participated in the 67th annual American Mathematics Contest 12 and the 16th annual American Mathematics Contest 10.  The contests were held on Tuesday, February 2, 2016. The students competed for local, regional and national student and school awards.  The contest, which covers high school mathematics, is given in participating schools. Its purpose is to spur interest in mathematics and develop talent through the excitement of friendly competition at problem solving in a timed format.  In 2014, over 220,000 students from 4,200 schools participated in the AMC 10 & AMC 12 contests. This year the winners are based on unofficial results as announced by Mr. Wayne Mosher for the 9th-10th grade test: 1st-Donovan Allen, 2nd-Abigail Anderson, 3rd-Cody Tishaw.  For the 11th-12th grade test: 1st-Mike Downs and Antonio Ramon, 2nd-Christina Mercado and 3rd-Avery Kroll and Tyler Bell.