9th grade students showcase Haikus

The ninth grade class worked on creating Haikus from “Waves at Matsushima” by Sotatsu.  Here is their work.


Chess Tournament signup begins

The National Honor Society is sponsoring a chess tournament for students and staff.  Participants will compete in a round robin format to determine ranking then play an elimination finale.  The cost to play is $5 for students and $10 for staff.

Academic Honor Roll Recognition

Our faculty would like to celebrate the hard work and achievement of the students whose study habits and determination earned them a spot on the Honor Roll (GPA or 3.5-3.749) and Principal’s List (GPA of 3.75 and above). A special ceremony will be held on Monday, January 25 at 7 PM in the Chapel. Congratulations students!!!

3.50 – 3.749 Honor Roll   3.75 – 4.00     Principal’s List
Samantha Canas Bradley Schultz   Donovan Allen Jacob Johnson
Osy Garcia Symone Stewart   Abigail Anderson Grant Kennedy
Nathan Johnson Andrew Ware   Camden Armstrong Kayla Kimbley
Brianna Moore Jackson Webb   Marlana Bell Avery Kroll
Shenelty Ortiz Jack Wheeler   Rosie Benoit Kristen Levinskas
Ian Peterson     Jordan R. Brown Parker Luellen
      Brianna Burks Christina Mercado
      Corrina Burks Julianne Plank
      Andrew Burnham Beau Rodriguez
      Morgan Currie Ben Shepherd
      Mike Downs Kiara Sierra
      Holly Hardin Cody Tishaw
      Rachel Hudgens Brianna Underwood
      Alayna Hunt  

MA hosts College Fair on campus

The annual North American Division (NAD) college fair came to Madison Academy.  For the first time, all students participated in their future by spending time talking with college and university representatives about careers, majors, college life, etc.  Seniors and Juniors are narrowing and finalizing choices about life after high school while the Freshmen and Sophomores are weighing options and evaluating colleges.

Students see business side of the Tennessee Titans

Five juniors from Madison Academy and hundreds of other students from across Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama participated in the Tennessee Titans Learning Lab. Participants were given a behind the scene look at the business side of the Titans organization that included presentations in marketing, cheer-leading, administration, media relations, community relations, team travel, equipment management, turf management and mascots.

Our students left school at 9AM and traveled to Nissan Stadium. They watched a welcome message on the video board then in groups of around 80 students started learning from the professionals. Each student also received a t-shirt and tickets to the final Titans home game against the Texans on December 27th.

Juniors enjoy History/English tour to east coast

The annual History/English educational tour for juniors returned safely early Friday morning.  Students went to Gettysburg, Washington DC and Williamsburg, Virginia.  At Gettysburg students toured the battlefield with Mr. Ram sharing stories and details of the three day battle then traveled to Washington DC and explored the International Spy Museum and ate supper at Union Station.  That evening, students took a walking tour of the FDR, MLK, Lincoln, Korean War and Vietnam War memorials.  The next day students spent time in the Newseum–a six level museum dedicated to print and broadcast journalism and news reporting.  The afternoon was free time for students to explore one of the many museums in the area: the American History Museum, Natural History Museum, National Gallery of Art, the Air & Space Museum or the National Archives.  Next was a trip to Arlington National Cemetery where Mr. Ram’s friend and former student, Daryl Willard, who is a former Tomb Guard and currently stationed at the Pentagon, gave a guided tour.  The evening plan was to attend a professional baseball game: Orioles vs Nationals, however the game was rained out.  On Tuesday the tour headed to Pamplin Historical Park in Virginia where students engaged in a four hour experience that included some hands-on activities as part of the “soldiers life” battlefield exhibit.  The next two days started and finished in the historical triangle: Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg.  After exploring colonial Williamsburg, students went to Norfolk and toured the USS Wisconsin battleship.  As luck would have it the rained out baseball game was rescheduled for Thursday afternoon so everyone was happy to return to DC and watch the Nationals play the Orioles.  The Orioles won.  After the game everyone loaded onto the bus for the trip back to Madison Academy.


Teachers prepare for the first day of school.

Faculty and staff at Madison Academy finished its annual pre-session and are ready for school to start Tuesday, August 11.  The entire MA team met and reviewed responsibilities, policies, and the calendar.  Then later in the day team members moved to help with the Volleyball Play Day.  Coach Adams expressed appreciation for all the community members, alumni and MA staff for volunteering their time to help with concessions, score keepers, and gate personnel. It is a great way to get involved with the school.  The team got an overview of the technology  upgrades and products that will be available for teachers in their classrooms and new mini iPads students will use. In addition, a new program called Naviance was highlighted that helps students prepare for the ACT and college. Safety and first aid procedures were reviewed.  Again this year the faculty were divided into Professional Learning Communities (PLC): Humanities, Athletics, Math & Science and Fine Arts and reviewed academic goals and planned initiatives.

Pre-session is about meetings but there was fun time built into the schedule as well.  Miss Laren Brooks, Southern Adventist University representative, took time out of her schedule to meet with the MA team for lunch at Olive Garden.  We are grateful for time and energy Miss Brooks devotes to our students and exploring college options with them. The Madison Academy team along with the Madison Campus Elementary team ate brunch together in the chapel and then shared together thoughts about the upcoming school year.  The Fuentes family invited the MA team to their home to swim, eat and worship together to begin the Sabbath. On Sunday, an invitation was extended to the MA team including the Student Association officers to enjoy a Sounds baseball game.

The Madison Academy team is excited about the new school year and looks forward to interacting with all the students.

Faculty return from summer vacation

All the teachers and support staff report back to school on Monday, August 3rd and will participate in professional learning communities, and are preparing their classrooms for students and the beginning of school on Tuesday, August 11th.  Mrs. Diana Hardin is our new English teacher this year.  Mrs. Hardin has taught at the middle school, high school and college levels.  She is married to Tom and they have two children that both will be attending Madison. The Hardin family moved from Texas, however they lived in the Madison area and so are familiar with the school and Middle Tennessee.

For a change of pace this summer Mr. Harvey again worked as the scientist at Indian Creek Camp engaging campers with fun science experiences.  Mr. Ramkissoon moved his classroom to where Mrs. Gatling taught last year but was able to relax and a baseball game at Turner Field between the Braves and the Cubs.  The Cubs won.  Mr. McKenzie worked all summer and also moved his classroom to where Mr. Ramkissoon was last year.  He is excited about the 3-D printer his has installed in the computer lab.  Mr. Hamberger went to a conference in Arizona to learn about a new product named Naviance that students will be using this year to help transition from elementary to college and career choices.  The program help students identify students strengths and passions.  Next those passions are linked to a career using Road Nation, video segements of people in careers telling their stories on how they arrived at that job.  After viewing the Roadtrip Nation students will be asked to choose a college major and plan a roadtrip of there own.  Students will be able to access a wealth of information including admissions policies and costs on all United States community colleges as well as universities.  Parents will also have access to this information.

Everyone is excited to start another school year and are looking forward to the start of school and seeing the students.

Administration prepares for new school year

The 2015-16 school year is just around the corner and the campus is being readied for staff and students.  The gymnasium was the focal point of the campus enhancement plan this past year as new siding replaced worn and rusting sheet metal.  Also there is new and improved lighting so that there are no dark spots when playing volleyball.  The Class of 2015 with their monies purchased a sign that is placed on the side of the gym identifying it as the home of the Knights at Madison Academy.  These projects were completed by monies donated by our alumni and friends to the Academy School Enhancement Plan (SEP).
In the administration building, new desks have been purchased for use in classrooms.  There is a shift of classrooms this year.  Mr. McKenzie’s room is now the Spanish room and he has moved to where Mr. Ramkissoon taught History classes last year.  So the computer lab/classroom across from the library will be used by Mr. McKenzie.  Mr. Ramkissoon moved to the former English room.  He is enjoying the space and plans to hang many flags around the room.  English classes will be held in the old Life Skills classroom.  The furniture was removed and desks brought in.  Our new English teacher, Mrs. Hardin has already organized the space and is looking forward to meeting all the students.
Pre-session for the staff begins August 3rd with meetings, classroom time, and some fun activities planned.  Classes start August 11th.

Planning for 2015-16

The administration and board are already working the the 2015-16 school year.  The updated financial brochure is available as well as the academic calendar at a glance.