Reviewing God’s goodness

Team MCJ wins Bible Bowl 2015

Team MCJ, [Mike Downs, Cody Tishaw and Jake Johnson] narrowly defeated the Abibrees [Abigail Anderson, Brianna Underwood, and Brianna Burks] in the final round of the 2015 Bible Bowl.  This years questions came from the gospel of Mark.  For the past three weeks 10 teams representing all the classes and 30% of the entire student body responded to questions from the book of Mark.  The first round format was five short answer questions, followed by first to raise their hands and ending with a round to complete the verse.  The winning team will choose a restaurant and join Chaplin Jamieson in a victory dinner.

Madison Academy Fall Festival had food and fun

Vespers held at Hardin home

On Friday evening, the Hardin’s opened their home and invited the Madison Academy family to enjoy a meal together and begin the Sabbath with friends.  Mrs. Hardin, along with the Life Skills class, prepared pasta with a choice of marinara or alfredo sauce served with garlic bread.  Pastor Chelsea and Chaplin Jamieson led out in singing and worshiping God.  As the evening progress all were offered a chance to make smores around the fire pit.  This was a perfect way to end the week by focusing on God and sharing time with friends.

MGM trip announced

We are excited to announce that we will be heading to La Vida Mission in Farmington, NM for our spring MGM trip this year!!!  La Vida is a Navajo SDA Mission which includes a K-12 school, a church and a medical clinic.  Our main purpose is to restore and update the medical clinic which has not been functional for the past few years.  This will include redoing the flooring, tile work, painting, and other jobs around the clinic.  They have also asked if we have any medical professionals to come along and host a medical clinic, especially dentistry, but all medical care is needed.  LLU sends a group out there once a year and that is usually all the medical attention most of these people receive.

We would love to have as many students, staff and parents as possible.

Here are the details: Cost: $900(approx.)  We need $200 of the total $900 up front to secure your spot. When: Spring break-Tentative dates are March 7-15. *No passport, shots, visas required!  If you have any other questions, please email me.

Video about Madison Academy

SA Scavenger Hunt tradition continues

The Student Association is hosting the annual Scavenger Hunt in the Madison Academy gym beginning at 8pm. This is a class competition that involves not only the students and staff but includes parents as well.  Each class brings items from home and school and spreads them out in one of the four corners of the gym. In the center of the gym the announcer will call for an item.  Each class will look through their stuff and pass it to the runner who will then take it to the table in the center of the gym.  The first class to get the correct item to the table earns one point. If the class runner has the exact item they earn one point.  If the class has the correct item category they earn one point.  For example, if a state quarter–Tennessee is called each class that brings that item to the table will earn one point for a state quarter, one point if it is a Tennessee state quarter, and one point if the class is the first to place it on the table.  There is a time limit to find and bring the called items to the table.  At the end of each round is an untimed event, such as who can drink a bottle of water the fastest.  Also during each round in random places classes are called to create a pyramid: a base of four, then three, then two, then one who will raise their hands to show they are done.

There are many rounds and each class usually is close to the lead for a time.  After each round the standings are announced to indicate how many points a class earned in the competition to that point. At the end the final standings are given and a winner of the scavenger hunt is announced.  Not only do students and sponsors participate in running but parents can do so too.  The parents have a key role to play in the event just by showing up.  The SA awards Spirit points to students and parents that participate in this event. Record is taken at 8pm and those who are at the gym are awarded spirit points for their class.  At the end of the school year the class that has the most spirit points is given a $350 prize.

Prayer Walk

Prayer Walk

Teachers prepare for the first day of school.

Faculty and staff at Madison Academy finished its annual pre-session and are ready for school to start Tuesday, August 11.  The entire MA team met and reviewed responsibilities, policies, and the calendar.  Then later in the day team members moved to help with the Volleyball Play Day.  Coach Adams expressed appreciation for all the community members, alumni and MA staff for volunteering their time to help with concessions, score keepers, and gate personnel. It is a great way to get involved with the school.  The team got an overview of the technology  upgrades and products that will be available for teachers in their classrooms and new mini iPads students will use. In addition, a new program called Naviance was highlighted that helps students prepare for the ACT and college. Safety and first aid procedures were reviewed.  Again this year the faculty were divided into Professional Learning Communities (PLC): Humanities, Athletics, Math & Science and Fine Arts and reviewed academic goals and planned initiatives.

Pre-session is about meetings but there was fun time built into the schedule as well.  Miss Laren Brooks, Southern Adventist University representative, took time out of her schedule to meet with the MA team for lunch at Olive Garden.  We are grateful for time and energy Miss Brooks devotes to our students and exploring college options with them. The Madison Academy team along with the Madison Campus Elementary team ate brunch together in the chapel and then shared together thoughts about the upcoming school year.  The Fuentes family invited the MA team to their home to swim, eat and worship together to begin the Sabbath. On Sunday, an invitation was extended to the MA team including the Student Association officers to enjoy a Sounds baseball game.

The Madison Academy team is excited about the new school year and looks forward to interacting with all the students.

Registration is online

We hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful summer and have taken time to relax a bit during the break from school. The 2015-2016 school year is right around the corner, and we are ready!!

Registration was completed almost entirely online and thus there is no official “day” to register. Anyone who has not yet completed online enrollment, scheduled classes, or finalized a financial plan, is encouraged to make an appointment with the Registrar and/or Business Manager, respectively. Please take steps to do this the weeks of July 20-31! August gets extremely busy and we would like to be able to give you our full attention.


On our website is copy of this year’s Student Supply List. If you have questions about your classes, please call the Registrar’s office and we will help clarify. Educational Outfitters, our school uniform company, is open Monday – Friday from 10AM to 6 PM. They will also be open on Sunday, August 9 from 1-6 PM for tax-free weekend. Here is copy of the MA Dress Code which includes the address, phone number, and clothing website. The consignment sale was a success, and only a few items remain. If you are still interested in looking, drop by the school office.


Tuesday, August 11 is the first day of school!!! We have a special schedule for the first two days which includes lots of fun. Returning students are done at 11:40 AM on Tuesday. All new students will join the SA officers, faculty, and staff for lunch and an afternoon of bowling.  Our new students can bring a change of clothes (but remember: no skinny jeans and girl’s shorts need a 5″ inseam). The following day, Wednesday, is a full day of school, but the afternoon includes a wet-n-wild SA Icebreaker. Remember to bring clothes to change into so you can get wet! Refer to the attached schedule and call, email, or drop-by if you have any questions.