Madison Academy girls win final volleyball match

The consolation match between Madison Academy and Legacy Charter (SC) was won by the Knights and will determine the teams final rankings of the teams playing in the tournament. The Madison Academy Knights Girls volleyball team was eliminated from the NACA tournament with a loss to Lexington, Kentucky CCAA B Cougars.  Forty teams participated in the three day competition, Oct 29-31.  Teams were placed in groups of four to determine divisions and seeding for the double elimination tournament.  Our Knights were placed in Group B and played teams from Ashville North Carolina, Central Alabama, Pathway in Virginia.  Based on the results of the games the team placed in the 4th Division and seeded 8th.  The Lady Knights lost the first game in the bracket to #1 seeded Grace (FL) however the team ended its season with a win. The team travels home Friday to be greeted by family and friends.

Tournament bracket

Season record and statistics