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Student Association organizes class basketball tournament

Mrs. Fuentes, SA sponsor, announced in chapel the creation of a class basketball tournament to be played during assembly time the next two weeks.  The rules for participation are different from the class volleyball games where everyone was required to play.  For the basketball games it was decided that at least one girl would need to be on the court at all times. Here is the schedule of the games:

Class Competition Basketball Tournament


Date   Court 1 (lobby) Court 2 (stage)
Wednesday, Jan. 11 Game 1 Freshmen v. Seniors Sophomores v. Juniors
Score  20-14  17-8
Game 2 Freshmen v. Juniors Sophomores v. Seniors
Score  13-15  18-28
Wednesday, Jan. 18 Game 1 Freshmen v. Sophomores Juniors v. Seniors
Score  20-14  20-29
Game 2 Sophomores v. Juniors Freshmen v. Seniors
Score  30-16  18-27


  • 2  8-minute halves = 16 minute games
  • Unlimited players from the class
  • Must have 1 girl on court at all times