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Madison Academy Awards Banquet

Top Five Reasons why the Madison Academy Awards Banquet was Awesome.
5. Great food. Every event needs some delicious substance. This banquet did not disappoint. Parents came together and made “Potatotinis” (mashed potatoes with all the fixin’s all served in a glass cup), pasta salad, and choplets so flavorful you’d forget that they were made out of processed soy. Oh and the desserts, delightful! Cream puffs, strawberries, pound cake and a chocolate fountain, to dunk said delicacies.

4. Amazing volunteers. The parents at Madison Academy are involved. Sometimes so much that their children are embarrassed by them, but the administration at MA encourages that. Parents lead out in cooking the food, serving the food, decorating, taking pictures, cleaning-up, and organizing the event. Thank you, parents! We love and appreciate you.

3. Dressing up is fun. The students at Madison Academy have a strict uniform dress code. Not only do they have to wear special polos, pants, and skirts, but they are limited in the color of shoes that they are allowed to wear as well. Banquets give our students the opportunity to execute their power of choice and don fabulous outfits that express their individual tastes and style.

2. Great memories created. The event had great food, entertainment (shout out to our very talented students, Rosie, Aiden, and Ashlyn), and activities. Students were able to light paper lanterns in the sky just like on Tangled and enjoy a photo booth with hilarious props and instant print photo strips.

1. We got to celebrate some incredible students and staff. The “awards” part of the banquet was incredibly important. Our staff nominated students for awards such as Luminary, Up and Coming, School Spirit, Erudite and Energizer and the students were able to vote on the winners. The students themselves nominated and voted for the best teacher at Madison Academy. When the results came in Kevin Ramkissoon, our history teacher, won! We are so proud of our students celebrating one another’s strengths


Up & Coming: Andre Crayton
School Spirit: Madison Perkins
Energizer: Devon Bardo
Erudite: Nate Higgs
Luminary: Donald Edwards
Mr. Madison Academy: Andrew Ware
Ms. Madison Academy: Morgan Currie