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Candidates for Student Association offices are posted

Today the Student Association posted the list of candidates running for office next school year.

These students met the following requirements:

  • Class Standing: the President shall be either a senior or junior during the year that (s)he serves.
  • Attendance: no more than 12 points in any quarter of current school year
  • Citizenship: no more than 5 points in any quarter of current school year
  • GPA: Cumulative of 2.5 with no Ds, Fs, or Is at 3rd Quarter.
  • Note: Student leaders must maintain Attendance, Citizenship, and GPA as listed above at the end of each quarter.
  • Service Hours: minimum of 35
  • Recommendation from Faculty Member (cannot be the Student Council sponsors)
  • Recommendation from Pastor, Youth Leader, Employer, or Adult / non-family member
  • Application Submitted On Time
  • Interview with one or both of the SA sponsors