Tight race for Student Association spirit points

Chaplin Jamieson, SA sponsor, announced today at chapel the current class standings for spirit points championship is very close–just a spread of 15 points separates the classes.

Seniors 216
Juniors 214
Freshmen 210
Sophomores 201

There are three events to date that figure into these totals.  They are Icebreaker won by the Juniors, Scavenger Hunt won by the Freshmen, and the Retreat won by the Seniors.  The class that wins the spirit points championship receives a prize of $350 for their class.

The next event where spirit points can be earned is at Assembly tomorrow during the Fitness Gram.  Spirit points will be awarded to those those that show up on time and are ready to go.  Participation points will be awarded to the class for their effort.

Lady Knights lose to Hendersonville Christian Academy

Yesterday evening at the Madison Campus Elementary (MCE) gym the girl’s volleyball team lost to Hendersonville Christian Academy (HCA) 3-1.  The overall team record is now 4-4.  The next game is tonight at MCE, starting at 5 pm. Their opponent is Pleasant View Christian.  In the first meeting between the two teams this season, the Lady Knights won that match.

In other MA Athletics news the cross country team participated in the Curry Ingram event.  Both Ian Petersen and Jack Wheeler finished the race with their personal best times. Other MA runners had their best time for the season: Brock, Jake, Jonathan P, Kyle, Will, Devin, Marlana, Rosie and Holly.  Here are the official results.

Boys results Team placement-4th place
17 IAN PETERSON 00:19:46
20 WILL SNIDER 00:20:24
29 JAKE JOHNSON 00:21:16
32 JACK WHEELER 00:21:40
36 CONNER COLLINS 00:21:46
42 BROCK ANDERSON 00:22:48
52 PAX FORDHAM 00:24:35
57 KYLE PETERSON 00:25:26
60 DEVIN STRONG 00:27:08
Girls results Need 4 runners to place
10 MARLANA BELL 00:22:44
14 ROSIE BENOIT 00:26:12
21 HOLLY HARDIN 00:28:04

In golf, our team competed with Pleasant View Christian and lost 164 to 152. Here are our teams scores.

Madison Academy
1.  Josh Hardin 51
2.  Parker Rufo 54
3.  Andre Crayton 59

Alumni Weekend October 7-8


Lady Knights lose at Davidson 3-0

In an afternoon away game the Madison Academy girls volleyball team competed against Davidson Academy and lost 3-0.  This brings their overall record to 4-3.  The next opponent is Hendersonville Christian Academy with the game being played at Madison Campus Elementary gym [MCE],  Monday, September 12, at 5:30pm.  On Tuesday the team plays Pleasant View Christian at 5:00pm in the MCE gym as well.

MA sweeps TNCAA golf tournament

Yesterday, the Madison Academy golf team won 1st-Parker Rufo, 2nd- Josh Hardin and third place-Andre Crayton in the Tennessee Christian Athletes Association [TNCAA] golf tournament held at Riverside Golf Course. Parker shot a personal best 55 and tied with Josh after nine holes.  Because of time constraints officials had a card playoff to determine the winner.  The seventh hole was considered the hardest hole and Parker had the better score so Parker was declared the champion.


In other MA Athletics news the cross country team competed at Lancaster. The boys and the girls finished in first place as a team.  Eight of the boys team members competed and all of the girls. Here are their individual times and places.

Boys results
1 IAN PETERSON 00:21:21
4 WILL SNIDER 00:23:26
5 JACK WHEELER 00:23:33
8 JAKE JOHNSON 00:24:43
14 KYLE PETERSON 00:29:23
Girls results
1 BRI UNDERWOOD 00:25:24
2 MARLANA BELL 00:26:35
4 ROSIE BENOIT 00:28:55
5 HOLLY HARDIN 00:30:25

Gettysburg address class project in English

MA Lady Knights defeat Lancaster Christian Academy

Yesterdays volleyball match between Madison Academy and the Lancaster Christian Academy was won by Madison Academy 3-1.  LCA won the first game however MA came back to win the next three games.  The varsity team’s overall record is 4-2.  The next match is at Davidson Academy, Friday, September 9, at 3:30.  The team is 1-1 in away games.

In other MA Athletics news the cross country team participated in the Curry Ingram Invitational.  In unofficial results the girls finished in first place and the boys in third.

Madison Academy offers SAT to Seniors

This year seniors will be able to take either the ACT or the SAT on campus.  Both tests measure college readiness and are used in the college admission process for incoming freshmen.  When applying to colleges and universities, it is important for Seniors to know the admission requirements.  Some schools use only ACT while others use only SAT. Many colleges allow students to use either.  For a schedule of testing dates here at Madison Academy for either ACT or SAT go to Academics-Testing program on our website.

Madison Academy hosts first cross country meet

Yesterday, Madison Academy held its inaugural cross country meet on its campus and Madison Campus Elementary.  Five schools participated in the event. Races were provided for every level: K-2, 3-4, middle school and high school.  The youngest runners ran a distance of 1/2 mile.  The next division ran one mile.  The course length for the middle school is 1.5 miles and high school runners ran a 5K.  The race course took runners just inside the MCE fence line and around the soccer field with the MS participants running two laps and the HS runners 4 laps each.  Ian Petersen finished in first place in the high school race. Here are the official results.

Boys results Team placement-1st place
1 IAN PETERSON 00:20:44:940
5 JAKE JOHNSON 00:22:28:72
6 WILL SNIDER 00:22:28:729
7 CONNOR COLLINS 00:23:20:653
8 JACK WHEELER 00:24:03:655
9 JONATHAN PEDRERO 00:24:05:530
12 SPENCER BOSKIND 00:24:37:54
13 BROCK ANDERSON 00:25:29:857
15 PAX FORDHAM 00:26:06:500
17 KYLE PETERSON 00:26:43:752
21 DEVON BARDO 00:43:51:623
Girls results Team placement-1st place
1 BRIANNA UNDERWOOD 00:24:43:956
2 MARLANA BELL 00:26:42:459
3 ROSIE BENOIT 00:28:07:714
4 HOLLY HARDIN 00:30:45:733

In other MA Athletics news the freshmen girls volleyball team played two matches competing with teams from Father Ryan and Ensworth.  Our girls lost both matches and our team is still looking for their first win.

Josh Hardin had a personal best score however the golf team lost to Meroll Hyde.  Our record is now 1-2. Here are the results.

Madison Academy
1.  Josh Hardin 51
2.  Andre Crayton 60
3.  Parker Rufo 63

Picture Day

Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors were brought into the Learning Commons to have their picture taken.  These photos are used by the yearbook staff for the annual and the photos are used to create school ID cards.  A yearbook staff member lets each class know when the photographer is ready for them to have their picture taken.  The Senior class will have their photos done later in the year.